My Love

The day you left me is still clear in my mind. Why would you do this? You know I love you. We’re meant to be. We are destined to be together, the stars told me so. You used to love hearing that.

You shouldn’t have talked to that guy. I wouldn’t have gotten so angry if you had told me you wanted permission first. But you were never good at hiding things, were you? Like your house key. I mean, you put it under the welcome mat?

How cliche can you be? You’re lucky it was me that found it. You were safer that way. Well, until I found you and that prick sleeping together in OUR bed. It’s okay though. I’ve forgiven you. Not him though. I couldn’t forgive the man that tried to get in between us.

Now, I am sorry I got so mad. I admit I lost control. He didn’t deserve to lay beside you. You’re too good for him. The gods made you for me alone. He’s probably talking to them about it right now.

Don’t cry. You know how I hate that. He’s not worth your tears. What? Did you actually care about him? I can’t abide that. Nor the smell of his cheap cologne on you. It’s disgusting. Why would you lower yourself like that?

But its okay. I’m going to make it all better. You’re going to have to stay here a little while. Later tonight, we’ll leave this world together. It’ll be ok. After all, I love you. So just relax, it’ll be over soon.

I’m back, did you miss me? Ha. What a silly question. Of course you did. Why wouldn’t you? Now, now. Don’t be scared. I’ve decided we need to talk before anything happens. You need to understand a few things.

First of all, everything I did was for you. So even if you tried to report me to the authorities, they’ll know you were involved. See, I’ve been busy today. I used your phone to send myself several incriminating messages, and broke into your Facebook. That was way too easy babe. You should be more careful.

I also took the liberty of telling your family you were going on vacation. So no one is going to miss you. Who cares about them anyway? It’s just you and me. That’s all that matters.

Now, about this pickle we find ourselves in. Do you really want to continue on knowing you’re now an accomplice to murder? After all, the body is in your house. Plus, you left in a real rush to get out of town. Your whole family will know. Your friends.

Unless you choose to go with me. I’ll go clean everything, destroy your phone, and make sure we’re never found. Okay. Good. I knew you’d want to go with me. Close your eyes. I’m going to put you to sleep now. Don’t worry, its just a small sting. Then we’ll be together forever.

My love, my sweet everlasting love. I let your last breath blow hot against my skin. Your eyes glaze. It’s over for you, but not for me. I have to file a report with the authorities. Let them know you killed yourself in my basement when I told you I couldn’t keep quiet about you murdering your new boyfriend.

After all, I have a new girlfriend now.

Original Author: CharliEmpath
  • Konner

    What a d*ck.

  • I love it ! But I feel like murdering someone . That Prick !

  • 858master

    Fantastic! It goes really deep.

  • Cassie Cavallaro