Truly Cursed Part 2

Message to the readers: feel free to comment and lemme know how it is. Maybe drop a suggestion or 2 on how u want the story to continue or even end. I may just take it to heart and use your suggestions in the next installment of TRULY CURSED!

As I walked across the barren landscape before me, I pondered my next step. I was low on ammo, and it was getting dark. If I didn’t find somewhere to hide for the night soon, Id be dead. As I walked down this deserted and forgotten highway somewhere in the midwest, I spotted a sign ahead in the fading sunlight. It read ‘Carlyle Military Academy, 2 miles’. I adjusted my equipment and started jogging forward, keeping my eyes peeled for any movement in the decaying brush lining the highway.

A couple of miles later, I was staring at the high, rusted fence of the academy. Barbed wire lined the top, a couple of dead Cursed bodies tangled up in it. I stood at the collapsed gate, scanning for movement inside, my hand resting on the grip of my 1886 lever-action shotgun. After a long moment, I stepped across the threshold into my potential temporary sanctuary.

I moved slowly around the main building, gravel crunching quietly under my boots. I was looking for the supply depot. As I approached the back of the building, I could hear a noise ahead of me. I approached the corner slowly and peeked around.

Ahead of me was an ungodly sight. In the dim light of sunset, I could see one of The Cursed, feeding on what appeared to be an animal of some kind, though it would be impossible to tell because of the mutation and the state of the corpse. The feeding Cursed was hunched over it, its long, disfigured spine pushing its head toward its chest. Its nails were like razors, slicing through the flesh as it gnawed and chewed on its latest meal.

I scanned the courtyard, searching for my objective. I spotted the depot on the opposite side, past the Cursed. I tightened my grip on my shotgun, not wanting to fight for fear of alerting any others that may be lurking. I looked around, mapping out a path.

I darted for the shrubs a short ways across the way, crouching down behind them. I watched as the Cursed raised his head and look in my direction, its yellow eyes darting around, searching for the source of the noise. Its jagged fangs were dripping and stained red. After a moment, it growled, a low gurgle escaping its lips. It turned and began eating again.

I sat there for a moment, panting silently, my breath rising like steam in the bitter air. I rose to my feet quietly, turned, and darted behind my next piece of cover, a large sign with the word ‘barracks’, printed in fading white paint.

The Cursed’s head darted up as it spun in my direction, its eyes wide and enraged. I peered around the corner slightly. I had about 50 feet between me and the depot, Its door slightly open. I looked back toward the Cursed. It had risen up on its legs and had begun to creep toward me. I had no choice. If I was going to make it without firing a shot, I had to run for it.

I eyed my destination for a moment, and then ran for it. The Cursed was after me like a bullet, its roar split the night, making my ears ring. At any moment, I expected it to grab me and drag me down. I hit the depot door and kicked it closed as I passed through, the Cursed slamming into the barred window a fraction of a second later. I slammed the iron door jam down, locking the door behind me, and jumped away as a razor-sharp claw grazed my cheek.

The Cursed was roaring and reaching through the bars, trying to reach me. I stepped away and stared at it for a moment before a roar in the distance caught its attention. It turned, roared in response, and darted off into the darkness.

I finally let my legs give as I collapsed to the floor, exhausted and gasping for air. I lay there, staring at the flickering fluorescent lighting above me, listening to the distant roars outside. It was a few moments before I rose to my feet and looked around.

The depot was no more than a storage shed, barely large enough room to house a large vehicle. It had two shelves on opposite walls, the shelves lined with open containers. Only a few had remained untouched. I sat my sling pack down against the wall and took stock of what I had. I had 6 shells for my shotgun left, a dozen 9 millimeter rounds, and a jammed handgun.

I walked along the right shelf, opening boxes as I went. Most contained useless spare parts or various other items. I approached the end and opened the last box. Inside I found a tube of weapon grease and an old surgical turniquet. I took it and went back to my pack. I put the turniquet in my pack and applied the grease to the handgun, letting it seep into the gaps in the metal. I stood back up and went to the left shelf. I walked down the row, finding nothing of use. As approached the last box, I tried to pull it from the shelf. It wouldn’t budge. I opened the box and peered inside. There was a single button. I reached in slowly and pushed it.

The wall next to me broke free, revealing a hidden door in the depot. I stood there, stunned. After a moment i looked in. It appeared to be an elevator. I grabbed up my sling pack and stepped inside, pressing the only switch inside.

The lift roared to life and jolted downward. I rode it down into the depths. When it reached the bottom, I stepped free and walked forward slowly, my footsteps echoing down the empty hall. At the end was a single bulkhead door. I turned the heavy metal handle and pushed it free of its frame.

I stepped inside and stopped, my eyes growing wide at what i saw. The room was small, with a large desk covered in equipment. On the wall was a large screen showing a map of the world. Spread across the planet were lights marking various military installations. Next to each light were the faces of two men, as well as vital signs for each. I looked across the map. All the lighted were off, all the names were marked deceased. All except one.

A light in the outback of Australia was blinking red. The name next to it read ‘Matt Wedford-alive’. I stared at that light for a long time. Could there really be someone still alive out there? I had to know for sure. If there was a chance, I had to take it. Australia, here I come.


  • Ineffable

    I’m loving the story so far! Your doing a great job of painting a picture in the readers mind, and I find the plot very interesting, I can’t wait to see what happens next!! Ps. Maybe try making them a bit longer c:

    • zakaryspinx

      Im glad you like it! Im actually thinking about making like a fb page for truly cursed as i write it. Im just not sure if it could gain that much traction lol

      • Edz

        Bro it might….

  • Supernatural lover

    Yes keep going go with your heart. Keep the story going on how you like and what point of view you give this story is amazing

    • zakaryspinx

      Thank you! Im really glad ppl are enjoying my writing!

      • Supernatural lover

        You welcome

      • Supernatural lover

        No problem and your welcome

  • Edz

    Dude I love your stories dont end it to soon keep it going on. .. Maybe he should build a safe house?

  • Edz

    5 stars from me

  • Yaboohhaki

    If there was to be a P2 how would he get across seas? Does he know how to fly a plane or pilot a boat? Great story though.

    • zakaryspinx

      Excellent point actually! Im not sure how to bridge that gap yet. Im thinking hes going to commandeer some rich guys boat in a marina and attempt to sail, encountering Cursed sea creatures along the way. Idk what do u think? Im always open to suggestion.

  • zakaryspinx

    I agree completely, but My biggest inspiration comes from horror games and how there really isnt any tangible logic to the story, but if you can nail atmosphere and story progression, ppl seem to not give a damn about logic lol

  • zakaryspinx

    https://m[dot]facebook[dot]com/groups/351944765223748?ref=bookmarks. this is where i will post the next installments first. Feel free to join and post at will!

  • Creepywolf

    Hey really like it series but in this the main character tries to survive while in the first one the character tries to die and was immortal hope I can clear that out I really like ur stories alot

    • zakaryspinx

      Ahhh lemme clear that up. He is immortal but he can still feel pain and get exhausted. So if a Cursed were to begin tearing into him he would feel all of it without the sweet release of death to comfort him. So essentially he would be ripped to shreds but unable to die. And he would like to avoid that. I hope i was able to clear that up for you. And thank you for the support! It means a lot truly!

      • Creepywolf

        Hey thanks for clearing up really like this story and can u tell will he regenerate or just stay shredded

        • zakaryspinx

          He has some level of regeneration/ rapid healing, but the extent is undetermined. I try to make his main motivation be fear of the unknown. If hes reduced to nothing but a head, will he be just a head sitting somewhere for all eternity? Will he die? Will his body grow back? He doesnt have the answers and is too afraid to find out….