The Hybreeder Experiment – Part: 2 – A New Creature

The Subjects and their masters have been growing very fast. The creatures grew physically stronger and the scientists have grown mentally stronger. Preparing to take on a new threat in this world the scientists have been permitted to inject their subjects with different chemicals as well as any top secret Government formulas. The creatures will change, adapt, even die over this new plan.

October 31, 2047 – 3:00pm

Dr. Hyzerk

I’ve decided to inject my subject with a testosterone based chemical that with slowly change his mental state. My subject can’t be trusted to be submissive so we have to fill up the cage with sleeping gas. Once I was in the glass cage with my subject I injected him with the chemical… He awoke. I told the other scientists to run as I covered his head and tried to calm him down. My subject sat up straight and pointed towards the other scientists through a one way glass window and slowly said “I… see… all”.

November 5, 2047 – 5:00 am

Dr. Hyzerk

I’m having trouble sleeping as of late. I have dreams of my subject sitting completely still and looking into my eyes. In my dreams he is looking at my memories and my knowledge of things, the feeling isn’t pleasant. Once my subject knows enough he sets my mind free and says one, nine, nine, five. I awake every night in discomfort because the numbers he says are the numbers to a safe, a safe with a chemical based gas when engaged will eat everyone alive.

November 10, 2047 – 4:00 pm

Dr. Hyzerk

I have been interacting with my subject on the other side of his glass cage. I’ve taught him how to count, read, and memorize. Of coarse these are small things for now but I hope one day I can teach him much more. I was wrapping up my session with my subject today when he reached out one of his claws through one of the holes in the glass and said “Sleep… well?”. When I asked what that meant my subject started tapping his back hoof and looking directly at me as I left.

November 12, 2047 – 3:00 am

Dr. Hyzerk

I awoke to the subjects screaming and making strange noises only they could make. When I arrived in the subject hall my subject tapped his back hoof and all the subjects became very quiet. My subject started tapping his hoof in a sequence and started to laugh very slowly. The other subjects started to laugh with him and grow louder in the process. I ejected the sleeping gas in all the subjects cages but my subject kept trying to fight against the gas and look at me. Before my subject fainted he said in a very low angry voice “I will… I shall… We have risen above”.

November 18, 2047 – 4:45 pm

My subject has been making up his own language and teaching the other subjects how to speak it since most are part human. My subject has killed a scientists for unknown reasons, I think the scientists has been beating and mistreating his subject as there was scars and bruises found on his subject in various places under her thick fur. The supervisor said my subject was still able to live since his actions were found to be normal. We are subjected to only interacting with our subjects in only work hours.


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