Treasure Hunt

Oh god, Ok, Ok, Ok i got this. I felt like i was repeating this in my head for the past twenty minutes and yet I still haven’t moved an inch. Oh no I can hear it getting closer. I had to muzzle my mouth with my hands to block the scream that wanted to be heard so bad. Wait, no…. It can’t.

Earlier That day

Come back here, I don’t think this is a good idea. I said, knowing it wasn’t going to do any good because who would want to listen to me. Im the only one in our small pack that hasn’t hit puberty yet. No one took me seriously and i had grown accustomed to it. “Seriously guys, I don’t like this”. I saw the look on everyone’s face and i knew what was coming next. If your so scared why not go run home to mommy. I had that line memorized since that’s the only thing these jerks really said to me and like the idiot i am I played follow the leader right along with everyone else.

There we were, standing in front of the roughly carved entrance.  Just standing there gave me chills. You see, my friend Derk came across something, something on the internet that said this cave had a treasure down at the bottom. One that happened to be worth at least a quadrillion dollars, (not really of course) but i was young and I believed everything I was told. Man was I stupid. Things started out pretty light. We had decided to go on our journey while the sun was high in the sky and way before our curfews. Let’s go everyone we don’t have much time. I really wish I had ran home to my mom.

We had descended into a chamber of sorts. It looked like a base camp. There were tents and an already burnt out camp fire. Someone else must be after the treasure I thought. I was going to say that to the others but I knew they wouldn’t listen. Instead I followed them as we went deeper into the darkness.

By the time we got what felt like half way through it was already 6pm. But how, we started this at 12:36. There’s no way in hell we had been walking for almost 6 hours. I turned to everyone else to see if they had noticed anything but, nothing. No I don’t think you understand there literary was nothing, no one, i was alone.  How, how had this happened I just heard them talking and joking around. How had I not noticed they were no longer there. How had I not noticed 6 hours had gone by in what felt like minutes. How.

Tbe question rang through my mind as if it was as hollow as this cave. I felt sweat begin to form and goose bumps pop up all over my body as i felt the coldness of the cave creep in on me. I felt numb, I didn’t know what to do. I was all alone and I didnt know whether or not I should back track my way out or try and find out where my friends went. Little did I know,it was about to be very easy to choose what to do next.

I stood there, thinking. Where could they be? Did they ditch me, no I would of noticed. Then again I didn’t even notice they were gone to begin with. What is goi….. My thought was interrupted when i noticed something move behind a rock. I felt my heart stop and my blood run cold. I began to walk the opposite way thinking it was just some wild life, that is until I heard a screech loud enough to bring the ceiling down on me. I covered my ears but I couldn’t  keep balance. Things got hazy. I couldn’t move. It felt like gravity was pushing down on me and the more i tried to move the worse it got. Finally the sound stopped and I regained basic motor functions again. I took that moment to sprint.

I was running for what felt like days. No matter how fast i go i can hear something following right behind me. It seemed like it wanted to keep its distance as if it enjoyed watching me run and wanted to drag this on until either i ran out of stamina or it just got bored. I was being hunted. A laugh began to echo through the cave one that was sinister. My brain raced as fast as my feet did both trying to find an exit that wasn’t the afterlife.

My legs began to cramp. I had been running for to long.  No, no,no i can’t stop now, I thought as i looked for a place to hide. Finally after an eternity I saw it. There in the back of the cavern was a hole. One big enough for me to slide in and hopefully escape through. I could feel it, the icy touch of death was only a misstep away. Time wasn’t something that I had and neither was stamina at this point. It was now or never. I readied myself for the impact and took a leap of faith, something I would normally be to scared to do. I flew forward but I felt as though it wasn’t fast enough. I anticipated being grabbed and flung across the room, smashing into a wall and that would be it. My mind raced faster than my heart. I hit the ground sliding forward trying not to hit my face. I felt every single rock the ground had to offer scrape against my skin, but I had to bear it for I was almost there. And just like that I made it in.

The noise that followed was one of pure terror. My body froze for a second as I feared for the worst. It didn’t sound like this thing was ready to give up nor do I believe it has ever lost its prey. I was panting as I squirmed through the tight crevice. I crawled and crawled, feeling blood running down my face and into my mouth. I must have hit something, I thought. No big deal, nothing a bandage won’t fix.  Finally i saw a light at the end of the tunnel and not the one that meant I died.  I let out a sigh. Even though I knew I wasn’t Safe I still felt relieved that hopefully the worst was over. I got myself together and stood up, brushing off all the rocks that weren’t stuck inside my skin. I sucked in some air, then threw up.

What in the hell was that smell.  It felt like my lungs wanted to explode.  I quickly wiped my mouth and covered d my nose. I was almost ready to break it just so I couldn’t breath in the death that surrounded me. My eyes slowly adjusted to the dim lighting, showing me the horrors no eleven year old should see. The body count was massive and the sight of there torn bodies made me feel like I had no hope of escaping. All of these people must have seen the same thing online. They all came here looking for treasure but only found a dark demise. I couldn’t handle this, I had to go. I began searching for an exit but didn’t see one, but how could that be. There has to be another way in besides the way i came. Then it hit me. The light that had been illuminating the chamber had to be coming from somewhere. I looked up and saw a hole in the ceiling that led outside. My last and only hope was sitting me right in the face and yet I had no way up there. Judging by the walls around me I could tell others tried to climb out to but no one made it to the top. Damn, I thought, how am I supposed to leave. I pondered the question frantically until I heard it.

The crunching of bones filled the air and the smell of blood became stronger. It was coming for me. I heard footsteps approach the hole above me. i had to hide for now. I found the closest rock and crouched behind it. The footsteps stopped. Did it leave i thought, maybe it’s gone, maybe if I look out… “Boom”. The sound broke the silence like a grenade. I felt the wetness flow into my shoe. After all of this now I decide to piss myself, damn. I didn’t know what to do, I was frozen there as I heard the thing stalking about. If i stayed here i would definalty be found but if i ran i would get caught. The only way out was the way i came in but that was on the other side of the cave. Could I really outrun that thing again. Even though my legs screamed no, I had no other choice. It was now or never.
Oh god, Ok, Ok, Ok i got this. I felt like i was repeating this in my head for the past twenty minutes and yet I still haven’t moved an inch. Oh no I can hear it getting closer. I had to muzzle my mouth with my hands to block the scream that wanted to be heard so bad. Wait, no…. It can’t. It can’t end like this. i won’t let it end like this. My mind was finally made up. I was going to survive this hell and live to fight another day.

I readied myself, got the courage to move, and, “thump”. Something came down in front of me hitting the floor splashing blood all over me. What or rather who’s body was this. Who had this thing taken this time. I looked closely and in my horror I let that scream I had been letting bubble up inside of me out. There lying on the floor bloody and broken was my friend Derk and by the looks of it I was to be next as my voice echoed through the cave. I felt something wet hit my head. I looked up and screamed one last time from the sight of this creature. I jumped up and ran to the small hole in the wall ignoring all the bodies I had to step over. I heard a laugh come from behind but no footsteps.  Why wasn’t it coming after me, had it given up. I almost had some faith that I was going to make it until I felt something smash into my back, crippling me and leaving me in a daze. I looked around but I was to weak to move. The darkness got thicker and then I was out.

  • Konner

    AAAAAAH, NO! Don’t do that crap. You can’t just have a small paragraph to pull in the readers to just skip back earlier add some important details. NAH!

  • Jeffstabbedben

    Loved the story great detail very realistic