They Look When You Close Your Eyes

I dont exactly know why im writting this, espicially now after this long you know, maybe its because the weird sensation ive been getting of being watched lately or maybe it’s just this weird want of mine to view my glories and my adventures. Either way, it’s the way it’s and here we go:
(quick disclaimer the story to come is an actual reality that really did happen unlike a lot of the stories that rely on vast imaginations so beware, this fact makes the story way more grizzly)
It was one of those night when i just couldn’t sleep, almost three a.m. and i just didnt feel like i should keep trying, so i get up and open my phone to go through some social media platforms, like facebook ro Twitter or instagram, you know the such, anyways i just keep going passing time by and i just get to the point where ive gone through everything there is to be gone through and i was just thinking like, “oh damn now what am i supposed to do?”
Well, the answer came quite fast for i found myself typing the word horror in the search bar of instagram, sure you must be thinking “here we go with all that movies b******t” but see that was basically the reason i searched that, its because of the perfect setting and time i was within, plus i mean its instagram, whats the worst that i can find there.
Anyways i start going through different accounts looking at different pictures and reading some weird stories, nothing too bad or too good, i mean i am not an easily scared person and the furthest i got emotional wise while reading was just admiration towards the writer of some certain story.
I keep going until i meat this one page with this one post that seemed just like all the others, nothing special and i start reading it, it spoke of a ritual that a person who disbelieves in the existance of demons could do -which by the way i do believe in there existance because of religious reasons- and it consisted of the following steps: “get a match and get to your room, close the door and the lights of the room and the make sure the lights of your closet are closed and get inside of it, close the closet’s door and the say the following statement: “take me to the light, or to eternal darkness” then you must wait until you start hearing whispers from behind you, once you do, DO NOT look back and light the match in your hand as fast as possible, if you fail in eithet, so you either look back or you dont light the match fast enough, you will feel a hand grab your sboulder and take you to fall through that eternal darkness you’ve asked for, if you manage to dao these correctly you must wait until the whispers fade away and then get yourself out of the closet, from that day on, never open your closet with the lights of your room off, and if you keep the door of the closet ajar you might, just might see the demons looking at you”
I was reading that and appreciating the writers imagination, like it was good you know, not really scary but kinda good, see what was scary though was what happened as i pronounced the last word of the post.
To make thing clear i want you all to remember siri, you know the iphone girl, remember how you say certain words for her to do certain stuff, that was what happened as i pronounced the last word.
The word was “you” coming out of the sentence ” you might see the demons looking at you” what happened once i said that word almost stopped my heart, what happend was that the lights that were in my room went off, now sure it could’ve been a coincedence and honestly the more i think about it the less sense it makes like why would a demon just mess with me and not murder me or haunt me, but still just like i put the fact that it couldve been a coincedence in my thought i kept the fact that something might have been inviting me in my thought as well.
To this day i have no idea of the actual reason behind that happening but to this day i keep remembering how if i had said “take me to the light, or to eternal darkness” 5 seconds later from what ive originally said, i couldve already been in way too deep.

  • Dean

    Could seriously use a rewrite.

  • Dominik Kalezić

    I have that feeling all the time.. sleeping or not.. i am weird