He is Coming for You

Warning: by reading this, you are welcoming “him” into your life.

If you want to live in peace I suggest you to stop and close this article. However, who am I to tell you what to do? I mean, maybe you’re a thrill seeker or just some sick masochist or maybe you’re just into the occult, supernatural stuff and s**t like that. Don’t tell me I never warned you though.

Who am I kidding? He probably knows about you already.

How you wonder? Well it’s simple isn’t it? You know about him, simply by reading the title, let alone the article you have made yourself a target. But don’t worry, it’s not like he’s going to just jump out of nowhere scaring you to death while you’re busy brushing your teeth one evening. He’s more complex than that, he’s more into scaring his victims with more of a psychological approach really, but don’t you worry too much.

There’s probably a million people out there that already read or heard about him already, why should he choose to get you out of all those other people that were foolish enough to make themselves a target? Cause you aren’t thinking about him right now are you? I may have forgotten to tell you, that while you’ve been reading up on facts about him, thinking about him makes him more likely to appear, you see. He doesn’t like it when people think too much about him. The rotten stench of decay emitting from him would be the first sign of his presence. That’s how he’ll make himself known. He wants you to know he’s coming for you, and he knows that you know.

This is how his toying with you, it starts with you noticing swift glimpses of a humanoid like being barely visible in your peripheral vision, and the smell of rot and decay barely there, but just enough to trigger some small discomfort and irritation for your sense of smell. But as time passes on, could be days, could be months, could be an hour, you’ll slowly notice how the smell intensifies, and the figure you thought was a product of your imagination, is starting to creep up on you, ever so close. I mean at first you only thought you may or may not have seen maybe a quick shadow a couple hundred feet away every now and then, or simply an unlikely fast by passer coming out from nowhere in the horizon, disappearing out of view again. But do trust me when I say that the silhouette standing behind your shower curtains or that strange shadowy figure sitting three booths away at your local restaurant’s, is not your childhood imagination friend. He knows that you knows about him, he knows that you can see him, that you try to avoid him, and that his presence is known. He will stop at nothing before you either submit to his terror or die of fear, cause that’s how he work. He will never harm you, not until you yield, but when you do. You get to see his distorted face looking down on your right before you die at the time you’ll least expect it.

Why have I told you this? Well maybe because I’m an a*****e and loves to put other people in danger, or maybe, just maybe you should look around and see if you can see me. Cause I can see you.

  • Laughing Jack

    I’m a homicidal maniac who wants people to read this and die….i loved itπŸ–€πŸ–€

  • tam_tam

    Interesting concept, could be more detailed. The ending was expected but still twisted and creepy enough to give you chills (considering I was home alone in a dark room)

    • Maikcry

      Maybe I’ll make some more stories featuring this entity. Maybe I’ll give it a whole identity and backstory