The Words I Hear


We’ve all been kids once. Young  naive kids unsure of what will happen to us in our late twenties early thirties. Me on the other hand.. I wasn’t too sure about. Different was what I was, there were voices inside my head. Not the very nice gentle ones. The ones that tell you what to do (“bad things to do”), and of course you’re not supposed to listen to that voice but there was something about it that I couldn’t say no too.

The voices continued. I didn’t know how to stop these voices. They kept going, and going, and going! The weirdest thing was blacking out for no apparent reason. Is it normal to wake up with cuts on your arm? I don’t know anymore. There was a night in particular that made me  question my sanity. I blacked out again then once I woke up, a note was set right next to me. It said “Do you feel safe”? I thought to myself. “What’s that supposed to mean”? Continuing to ponder on that question; I walk to the mirror, slowly stopping right in front of it. Seeing cuts and bruises all over my face. Stepping back and screaming I yelled “Did I do this?!” More thoughts and theories popped into my head. I’m only a little boy! What did I do to deserve this. “I can’t let my mother and father see this!” I announce. So I ran to the bathroom to find anything to hind this horrible disastrous mess. Taking toilet paper and wrapping it around my face till the blood seeped throw the light toilet paper around my face. I started to cry while hearing my mother and father coming up the stairs, through the hallway, and finally present with blood splotched toilet paper boy. Which was me. My mom stepped back with tears in her eyes. My dad falling slowly to his knees. They had nothing to say to me, but I had something to say to them. “MOM! DAD! SOMETHING OR SOMEONE CUT MY FACE AND BRUISED IT!” I say taking off the  toilet paper for proof. Both of my parents looking at each other with tears still in their eyes come to a silent agreement. Once more looking at me. Then sadly my father grabs my wrist and tugs it down the hallway, down the stairs, outside and in the car.

“Dad. You do believe me. right?” “I don’t know any more, and please Timothy, don’t call me your father.”


My heart was hurt. How could he just say that to me. I don’t even know what’s happening. I didn’t even cut nor bruises my face. ALL I did was black out then wake up and it was there!


I see a bright light. I smell blood. “Hello….Hello. Timothy!” says unfamiliar voice. Am I in hell? “HA! please don’t hurt me!” I scream. “No worries. No worries. I’m only here to help you.” “Who are you! Where am I demand. “Oh why aren’t you just a feisty little boy. Well I’m  your doctor, and you’re in a mental hospital my lad.” “A mental hospital!? But I’m perfectly fine!” “Not exactly. You seem to have a case of multiple personality disorder, seems like you’re unable to control your self.” all these words ,they made no sense! Disorder. me?! I know I could hear voices in my head but I didn’t think I had a personality disorder. “Wait what’s  multiple personality disorder?” I heard myself asking. “Well it’s where you have multiple personalities. You must be unaware of this aren’t you?” the doctor says to me. “Wait what?” “Never mind kid. All you need to know is. I’m the  professional, and you’re the sick.  Now follow me.” He command to me. I follow the doctor who was leading to a place I was unsure about. “Um..sir where are you taking me?” I ask gently. “Your room of course where else are you gonna stay?” “At my mom and dad’s house.” I felt like crying right when I said those words, but I couldn’t act like a big baby. The doctor starts laughing; a hardy. I was even more confused than before. Why would a grown man probably in his 50s start laughing at a 9-year-old boy just who wanted to go back to this rightful family? “Haha oh haha. Kid you’re funny” I couldn’t take it any more he was laughing at MY sorrows! He was gonna get what he deserved! “WHAT’S SO FUNNY ABOUT WANTING TO GO HOME TO MY FAMILY! DO YOU THINK THIS IS SOME KIND OF JOKE?!” the doctor’s smile turn to a furious rest b***h face. The doctor yanked me by the arm into the elevator. I fell against the lift’s back wall while the doctor walks normally in the elevator. The room is filled with silence until we finally made it to the bottom floor. Still mortified about getting hurt by the doctor. I cram myself in the corner even more than before. My face stopped bleeding from all the cuts and bruises that were infinitely scattered all over. Till I got yanked into the wall, the bleeding only got worse from then on. “Get up kid! we’re here!” he said yelling at me. All I did was defend myself. What did I do so wrong? “Sorry for yelling at you.” “I don’t want to hear it!” the doctor walks in front of me out of the lift grabbing my arm again. “Please don’t hurt me!” I yell. “Just get out.” he says annoyed. “Yes sir.” while we were walking I notice how run down the facility was from the lower level. “Here we are.” says the doctor.  “Can I call my Mommy and daddy”. “NO! They will never want you ever again because you’re just a paper cut FREAK!” he shoved me in the room and locked it. I wanted to be alone forever, and I still am.

(series 1 FINISHED. should I make a second one? put down in the comments)

  • Anthony Purser

    Mistake in the first sentence: Naive* it is upposed to have an accent over the a. Naive just sounds weird

    • Anthony Purser

      It seems like you just tried to end the story quickly like “I wanted to be alone and I still am today”. What kind of ending is that. The rest was pretty good.

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  • Venus Neely

    Yes!! Write more???