The Psycopath and the Killer

It was this time of the year, temperature was lower than normal and it’s freezing. I cover myself up with three layers of blankets. I curse at myself for taking in a cheap worn down compartment with a broken heater but then figured that it was useless so I might as well view the snowy sky outside my window while drinking coffee.

I look at the bright lights of red and white illuminating the city not far from where I’m currently staying at.

“Oh yeah… It’s christmas.” I thought.

I close the blinds and look back at my room. My brows arcs as I nearly drop the coffee I held in my hands.

‘How does knives keep on finding its way in my room?’

Knives in all sorts of sizes and length are scattered throughout the floor. It all happened the past three weeks and continued happening until now which I find really confusing. These knives are all neatly arranged in a row. The first day, there were three, the second, there was four and in each passing day it kept on adding up. I wasn’t used to it even after I’ve witnessed this happening many times.

Did I ever report this?

No, I didn’t.

As I stare at the shiny edges of those blades, I’m stimulated with a faint feeling of ecstasy and is unusually aroused. I don’t understand why though so I snap out of my trance like state.

I keep all the knives at a particular set of drawers which were organized to sort each blade that kept on appearing ever since. However, sound of footsteps interrupted what I was doing and I believe it to be my neighbor living on the left side of my room.

She was always bringing with her people who I thought looked like her friends because I kept on seeing her smile around them. During that time they were at her room, it was always kind of rowdy… and noisy. But then it stops whenever the clockhand strikes 12 o’clock. It was an odd routine. She strangely brings her friends once in two weeks.

Whenever things seemed quite, I hear her door open and silent footsteps with the sound of somebody dragging something reaches my uniquely sharp ears. Maybe she was taking out the trash again, I guessed.

On the next day, she was out for work with the same expressionless face she had with her every morning. I don’t see any of her friends coming out of the room which I guessed happened to go back home during the time she took out her trash.

“Good morning Ms. Cait.”

She looked at me as I smile with the intention of greeting her. Their was a long pause. However she then just nods and walks away.

Did I smile too much?

I look at her back fading into the other side of the corridor but then realise I’m about to be late for a scheduled interview.

‘Not good!’

I rushed things up, got my suit and a briefcase then walked out of my room.

‘Did I forget locking my door? And why did I bring a briefcase anyway?’ I think to myself but the thought was lost when I entered the cab.

Unexpectedly, I made it at the right time and I took the interview. A good long minutes after…

“Yes!! I got the job!” I walk out of the place where I would soon work in with a victory-like expression plastered on my face. It wasn’t easy though. They asked about personal things I had to avoid answering. But honestly, It took a toll on my mental fatigue.

What should I do next?

As I was thinking, someone tapped my back. I turn to find a man wearing a coat and had the facial structure of a European. A foreigner?

“Excuse me. If possible I would like to know where this place is. I’m finding a woman by the name of Caitlyn Ross. But somehow, I ended up getting lost.”

He hands over a map featuring the city and points out a part of a street where I’m not familiar with. Wait, Caitlyn? By Caitlyn, does he mean Ms. Cait?

However, attempting not to disappoint the foreigner, I accept it. We walk around the area that I recall going to and circle close to a tall building nearby. But we seem to have ended up in an alleyway. I look at the map once again and then realise that we are then located at the opposite area where the foreigner was supposed to be going to.

‘How? I thought I was going the right way?’ I was thinking.

The man behind me clicks his mouth. He doesn’t seem to be amused looking at my expression.

“We’re lost aren’t we?” He speaks in a discouraged voice.

“I’m really sorry! I thought we were going the right way. How about we go back for now.” I told him but he takes the map off my hands.

“Don’t bother, I’ll find someone else.” He says. Before he could leave, I hear something click and my right hand unconsciously holds his shoulders.

“What are yo-…!!!”

His expression had suddenly been filled with shock as his sight moved to see the direction of my other hand. I curiously looked and was then dumbfounded seeing a knife connected to his chest.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” I quickly remove the knife following a large amount of blood gushing out of his body.

“I’m so so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that.” I apologize deeply but somehow, I don’t feel anything except a trace of joy.

The man looks at me with blood dripping out of his mouth. He seemed to be infuriated and frightened at the same time.

“W-why the hell are you smiling!? You sick basta-….. gruuu!!??” He was going to say something but the knife found its way through his lower chin going up through his nostrils. The sentence was never completed.

“I’m really sorry. Please forgive me.” The knife was again quickly pulled out of his mouth.

I stare at the red-coloured snow as more of the liquid spreads like a blooming rose. The briefcase had been opened at one side of the corner. There and then, I can’t help but notice that the sky was already dark.

What should I do again?

As I arrive at the building where I reside in, what meets me outside is my neighbor, Ms. Cait. She’s unexpectedly early today isn’t she, or am I just late? She was carrying a rather heavy-looking trash bag but she’s dragging it without much effort. I didn’t know she was this strong!

Now that I think about it, I didn’t take a cab but walked my entire way here, I wonder why?

“Good evening Ms. Cait.” I greet her with the same manner as this morning but she was alarmed instead. She turns her back to see me and I find her expression kind of chilly. She’s like a totally different person unlike before.

“No need to be agitated, it’s just me, your neighbor. Do you want me to help with that?” Noticing that she might be frightened, I ask if she needs help with what she’s doing.

Instead of giving a reply, her sight lands on my suit which I was wearing. I too, look at my clothes. It seems I haven’t noticed it until now, the large patch of red tint covering my chest area up to my neck.

“Ah.. Some things happened on the way back. Don’t worry, nothing serious happened though.” I give her my reasons. But I do think it’s true, nothing serious happened and I did apologize too, right?

She then turns her eyes back at me and then nods, somehow the chilly atmosphere a while back disappeared and she was now wearing a curious expression.

Did I smile too much?

“Ok then. I’m sorry for taking a bit of your time. Have a good night Ms. Cait.” Since I don’t think she needs my help, I make my way up to the door connected to my room which I find slightly open. If I recall, I haven’t locked the door but I don’t remember not closing it though.

As I enter, everything was what it was as before. I’m glad since I wasn’t robbed. But I do smell the scent of a woman. Not that it matters, I remove the stained suit and flop myself down on bed.

Following the next few days, I now find knives covered in red tint neatly organized around the room.

It was this time of the year.

And it’s freezing.

  • Toni Lopez

    A little too drawn out.