The Watcher

I slowly sat down to the table and started eating. It was quiet, too quiet. Maria was in the living room watching TV, as always. While Luis was at the bar. Drinking to forget.

Even when they thought I was asleep, I wasn’t. I could spend minutes looking at their miserable behavior. She would shout and he would have a childish conduct.

A voice behind me whispered:

“Jenny, it’s time to go…”

I went to my bedroom and changed my clothes. I put on an old black hoodie, black ripped jeans, black punk boots and black rabbit leather gloves.

I got out of the apartment without making any noise. I didn’t even say goodbye, it was pointless. I decided to take the elevator this time. I couldn’t afford losing any energy. As soon as the elevator reached the first floor I walked quickly to the main door. I got out. It was cloudy and grey outside.

“I don’t even know what I was expecting to this point.” I thought.

I forced myself to smile. I started to walk, without stopping or looking back. I soon arrived to my sanctuary, the forest. I put on my mask. He was there welcoming me with open arms.

“Let’s have some fun, shall we?” I said as I took the tall man’s hand. And we both teleported into the depth of that beautiful and pure forest.

  • Zabrautanu Vlad Stefan

    Sorry but if you leave it like that and dont make any more part it will be s**t