The Truth of Life

Everybody wants to believe in something. Some people like to believe in a greater force, or life form. But I think we all understand the sad truth. That there is nothing besides life, or is there? It has been wildly speculated that there could be a god, or multiple. Well, what if I told you that besides our own beliefs, there is nothing. Or what if I told you that there is something greater than life?

The thing is that you just don’t know. But what if you did know, and YOU were the greater force than life. What if there was a way you could be a greater life force. With further advancements in technology, and the fact that when some people feel threatened or are saving something they believe/love. We get super strong, fast, smart. I remember once when I was a child, 12-14, I was attacked by a kid around the age of 16. He had a knife, I was somehow able to run faster and way more effective. I was jumping over sticks and big rocks, I heard a crack. Later I found out I had broken my leg and thumb, at the time I was in no pain and running as if I were perfectly fine. Well, that thing is called: adrenaline.

I remember reading about how a mom got into an accident, and got a coma, she saw her child was trapped under one of the cars and with adrenaline, the mother picked up the car and rescued her baby. What if there was a way to harness the power of adrenaline, and become godlike. The only problem with that is how would you be immortal, answer: You don’t. What if there was a god, and it (god is not gender specific, but I will address it as him/he) died a long time ago. But before he realised he wont live forever, he put the power of adrenaline into every human in existence at that time. Soon after years of evolution, the power of adrenaline is still here with us, but we can only use it in times of need. But who is to say. more people would believe in a book (the bible) than some random person on the internet, who knows the secret to eternal power and immortality.