The Statue Maker

Me and some people from my class went on a field trip to the statue museum for being the only people freshman year who got principals list. Don’t get me wrong, the statues were beautiful but they hid a deep secret.

At the museum, we had a tour guide who also made many of the statues in it. He told us the stories and stuff of how the statues came to be and what not. He didn’t seem shady at all until I went back later that night.

When we came home, I realized I had left my phone at the museum, so I had my mom take me back to get it. She told me to catch the city bus home because she had to go to work. I thought I knew where it was, in the gift shop.

So I went into the building to get my phone from the gift shop, but I couldn’t find it, so I looked around the whole museum not including the closets. I gave up and opened the door to go back outside just to find my bus leaving. The worse thing was, it was the last trip of the night and it was dark, so I had to stay at the museum without getting caught. While I was roaming, I didn’t see anyone, but I wasn’t paying attention very much either. I was tired and stressed out, so I took another walk around the museum to clear my mind.

I happened to stumble upon something I didn’t want to see although I couldn’t see it very well from my perspective. I didn’t see it in my previous walk through. What I could see was part of a woman’s body in a pose a light illuminating her. She didn’t seem to be moving. I moved over a tad bit, so I could see the rest of the image. Now I could see the lady was covered in blood. I naturally wanted to go help her, but I put the puzzle pieces together. I realized she wasn’t moving and covered in blood, that she was dead, so I took off running.

I ran to the entrance doors to see if I could pry them open, but it was to no avail. I went to run the other way, but when I turned around, there stood the statue maker holding his tool in hand blood dripping from it onto the floor. His hand kept flexing the weapon as he came closer. I freaked out and crawled under him and took off running once again realizing he knew I was there now and was after me.

I managed to shuffle myself into a storage closet filled with stone and various statue making tools. I pushed the door closed as softly as I could and started to barricade the door, that’s when I was pulled behind a wall of rocks carved into squares. The barricade wasn’t strong enough to sustain the door and at the perfect time (note my sarcasm) my phone decides to go off. From across the room, the ring tone of the Mario theme echoing off of the walls. I could see it was my mom calling and if I wanted to be safe, I needed to get it, but I was being held.

I turned around to see who I was being held by and it was a very under dressed woman coated in blood. It looked like she was a murder victim who happened to escape. I could tell by the various places in her body which looked like they had been stabbed. I looked at her face, she had very fearful eyes and she was holding my mouth shut trying to get me to stay quiet. I looked at her and noticed something behind her on the wall. Behind her was a tool hanging from a hook so I pointed my head to it acknowledging her to get it. She was holding one herself and it happened to be the exact moment that he bombarded in that she handed it to me. I was ready to attack but she persuaded me to wait.

His heavy boots pounded on the ground in front of the wall. I could see the shadow of his shoes through the small crack under the piece of wood that supported the wall of rocks.

I could see his shadow pick up my phone and click the ignore button. Afterwards, walking to the wall of rocks. He began to take down the rocks one by one. With each brick he pulled down, my heart thumped faster, until the woman let me go to attack. She hit him in the stomach with the tool she held while I snuck behind him and hit him in the head hard enough to knock him out. I got my phone from his pocket and called the police.

When they arrived, they helped us out, returned me to my mom and took the woman to the hospital.

Weeks later, I got a call from the police telling me that “The Statue Maker” was arrested, but not for murder. The wounds they found on the ladies weren’t from sculpting tools, but from an unknown item and they had no evidence tracing to who the killer might actually be.

That means he’s still out there and he’s probably after me next.

  • Sam

    Dude. Where are all the “.” and “,”
    This s**t is too hard to read now and half of the story doesn’t make sense because, you didn’t put them in.
    Now, I’m no grammar nazi but this here is on another level.

    • Anna

      Yes I have to admit I’m not good at Grammer I never was I’m sorry if you didn’t understand. It’s basically she was trapped in a museum without a phone. A crazy guy is after her for seeing his evil doings (making statues using dead woman as his model) she hides in a closet meeting a girl thr phone rings in the closet so the man goes to the closet to get them they attack the guy and call the police he gets arrested but it was another guy who killed the victims that the man was making statues of so now the actual killer is after the main character and the woman that she met in the closet.

      Did that clear it up better?

      Thank you for letting me know how you feel about my story I appreciate your opinion

    • Anna

      I edited it I don’t know if it’s much better but I tried I’m sorry I have poor grammar.

  • piamette

    If you’re not good at grammar, don’t write about a person who is on the principal’s list. That very sentence began with an error. Anyway, the story was full of messed up punctuation, sentence fragments, and more run on sentences than I can count. Plus the entire plot is random and there is no suspense or horror because of these things, unfortunately. The ending is also really underwhelming. Also, if I was being held by a practically-corpse in a closet, I’d be freaking out a lot more than the narrator. Who doesn’t put their phone on vibrate though?