You’re Too Late

I don’t expect you to take me seriously, but hey kid, we got a problem. This isn’t some made up childhood crap that you find online for a laugh with your friends. This is real. And you won’t forget me anytime soon. You’ll pass my story on like a sick joke, it will spread around the world like a disease. But don’t say I haven’t warned you.

My name is Janie, my story won’t be short-lived. I’ll fight to keep alive. You may not be scared of me, but that will change tonight before bed when your brain remembers the demons that haunt you in the shadows. I wont leave till I’ve spread like a plague through this unforgiving world. Before you read on, just know, i’m not going anywhere.

Ah, I should have told you already, my name is Janie Mathers, I was born late July 2002, and supposedly died early September 2017, though the police haven’t found me yet. They thought I ran away, but presumed me as dead instead of investigating my true fate.

Little do they know I’m alive, but I might not be for long. I’m being hunted.

Ready for what makes my story so real?

Everyone on earth has a dark side, a side that can take over at any time.

Anyone can be as fatal as the blades in your kitchen.

Do you realize the fear that is running through you?

You alone could have the same “Problem” as me. You’re being followed. As long as you’re here, as long as you’re alive, they will follow you, just as they follow me, till you become one of them.

Here’s the worst part, I know things. About you. And about them. I know you sneak things by your parents when they’re not looking. I know that sometimes when your told to clean your room you slip things under your bead to make it seem as if you cleaned your room in no time at all.

Everyone has secrets, and I can expose them all.

Right here, right now.

Every homework assignment you forgot to turn in, every person you’ve lied too, everything. If you’re wondering how I know these things, read the first letter of every paragraph… before you’re too late.

  • Another Person

    You spelled “you’re” wrong in the “Y” paragraph >_<

    • Another Person

      Other than that, creative!

  • Unknown

    I love it💕

  • ððð

    Dude dope story you should make more like it

  • Jed

    2/5 Cool ending, just a little pretentious.

  • Kandy Stone

    Loved it!

  • Shealinn

    Omg I did NOT expect that ending it so cool.

  • Elizabeth Harrell

    Already. One ‘L’.

  • Kittypasta