The Sound of Drip

I was just an innocent 14 year old girl. Mom had to work the night shift at the prison and dad was fighting for my country. So tonight I had to stay home and take care of myself. I had been doing this a lot lately so mom decided I needed more protection. My mom bought me a dog that was trained to fight off any living creature that harms me. I named him comet. For a while now me and comet have been best friends. Until one night I went to bed as usual and saw a dark figure in my window assuming it was just a tree.So I locked all the doors and went to bed. I heard a dripping noise from the faucet in the kitchen, so I got out of bed and turned it off and fell back asleep with comet next to me. Then I heard dripping in the bathroom, so I got up and turned it off. When I came back comet was gone I was in no panic at all, until I heard dripping again. But this time it was not from the kitchen or bathroom, it was coming from the closet. In no hurry at all I opened the closet doors and there comet was hanging with blood dripping from his neck. Thank god mom came home in time to rush him to the vets. He is now ok, but I will never trust the dark figure in the window or the water dripping from the sink. Then it happened again but mom was there with me I saw him and I yelled “comet kill” comet bit through him, his soul vanished with demons and they all formed a sign and the sign said peace. That night I couldn’t sleep I didn’t know if he would come back or if he was forever gone. Almost 6 years later I had moved out because I had to go to college with a roommate and I was so exited to meet her. When I met her I thought she was weird because she had her was full of peace signs. Immediately after looking at them I new she was the demon that had taunted me for years. The reason I can’t sleep at night was right beside me. She said hello Isabella, “how do u know my name” I asked. She told me my dog bit her but she never got an apology. I said “I know who You are, and I don’t want you here ” so she left politely and told me peace out. And I said I’m not letting you go not again. So quickly I grabbed a knife from my bag and stabbed her. For a second the lights went out and the building shook but I calmly went to bed. The next morning the administrators sent all of our hall to a room. They looked at me and told me I was psycho. They showed me the camera and I looked at it, last night I stabbed nothing. They told me my too late hadn’t come yet. So I rushed to my room and all the peace signs were gone. They told me I had to leave and I don’t blame them. So I left knowing I was crazy.

  • HappyEvilx

    I feel like you rushed throught it. There are not enought details to make it interesting or captivating. Seems rushed. Or pit together with very little effort.

  • Sheepz

    Wow that’s cool

  • SkullNboNes

    It started off interesting but the ending kind of confused me:)

    • Simon

      Wasn’t the start like a separate story on its own?

      • SkullNboNes

        Was it? Kind of hard to tell, maybe I read through it too fast.

  • Simon

    Those are like the most hippie demons ever.

  • LegendarySavior

    That was cool can you make another story about the “crazy” girl getting revenge or something like that ?