An Encounter I’ll Never Forget

It was a dark night in Mexico, the moon providing a very dim light, and families going inside to go to sleep. I was 12 years old. I was fairly skinny, about 5’4, a little taller than most girls in my town. I had a dark brown hair color.

I was outside playing a game with my friends. Jasmine, Monica, and Maria. It was around 10:00pm. We started playing games that were common in our town. We played hide and seek for quite a bit around the house. We went back and forth between the seeker and hiders. Once I finally got my turn to be the seeker, I was excited. I went behind the house to count to 30. It felt like forever just to count to 30. I started heading out to look for my friends. It was going well as I found 2 of my friends. It was about 5 minutes after searching for Monica. Later, I found her hiding on top of a tree.

We then started the next round, I found a bush near the river near my house. I decided to hide behind it. Minutes go by as I calmly wait to get found. All of a sudden, I hear a very faint growl. I ignored it and guessed it was a dog outside. My friend finally found me after a while.

It was then around 12:00am by the time we started playing the final game. My mom then came out and told me to go inside to sleep. Me being stubborn, I said no in response. My mom was then frustrated as she told me many times but I never went in. She then said “Ok, but don’t come knocking on the door when you see La Llorona! (A legend in Mexico that every kid fears).” I ignored her and laughed as I went back to my friends.

Our final game included a bucket. As my town was pretty poor, we didn’t have much money to buy many toys. The game was played by someone hiding the bucket, and the rest of the people had to find it. We were playing for a while. I got to go find the bucket at one point. I started making my way back home with the bucket in my hand. Once I was back, all my friends were gone. It was strange as I saw them when making my way down a hill.

I started panicking a little as I searched around for them. I couldn’t find them. After minutes of searching, I decided to go inside and decided that my friends had to go home. I started making my way to my house and up the stairs to my front door. I tried opening the door but it was locked. I started knocking to alert my mom that I was at the door. It felt like every time I knocked, I heard footsteps approaching. I just ignored it as I always ignored stuff. I guessed it was the dog from last time walking around the street. I continued to knock at the door; trying to get my mom’s attention. I was starting to panic as my mom or dad never answered the door.

After about 10 minutes of knocking I was scared of being out in the dark. All of a sudden I heard a loud growl from behind me. I slowly turned around, I wish I never did. The moment I take a look, I see a dog. This wasn’t an ordinary dog. It had dark black fur with a dark red color at the tip of the fur in some spots. It looked like dried up blood. Its eyes were a dark red, but were on fire. Its teeth were very sharp and were covered with blood. The dog looked like a mix of german shepherd, husky, and pit bull. It was just standing there, snarling at me. As you can guess, it was a hell-hound. I never thought of it as a hell-hound and believed it to be the devil himself. I started to back up into the door as I was couldn’t do anything. I was in shock, almost as if I was being controlled by the thing. All of a sudden it leaped at me. I couldn’t do anything.

I then suddenly woke up in a hospital. My mom was beside me, asking if I felt good. It turns out they found me passed out outside my house on the porch. I remembered what happened, all of it, except for what happened after the thing leaped at me. It will always remain in my head. I believe I got lucky and it was messing with me. Some day it may come back for me, and that day I won’t be lucky like last time. It may be a sign of what is yet to come for me.

  • R4bbit

    Great story. I’m mexican and I’ve heard stories like this one through out my childhood. Reading this one it brings back some good old memories

  • CreepypastaMike