The Sister

“And to think I loved him!” Said 14 year old Raven. “Still talking about Felix?” Asked Ravens Twin sister Rainy. “Ya.” Raven muttered. “Get over fish face!” Rainy said, with a giggle. Rainy called Felix fish face, because in 5th grade they went on a feild trip he fell into a fish pond and a fish got in his mouth. “We should go out with Alain and Sasha, there going to a house in the woods!” Rainy told Raven. “That could be fun.” Said Raven. “Lets go then!” Said Rainy. The Twins lied and told there mom that they were staying the night at Alains house. Instead of a old house in the woods. Sasha just turned 16 so she drived to the house. When the girls got there they grabed their sleeping bags and bags filled with flash lights and snacks. “This will be great!” Alain said almost jumping. “Ya sure lanie.” Said Sasha with a Smerk on her pale face. Raven’s and Rainy’s pale blue eyes shimered on the soft moon light. The girl walked in the house. They saw a living room, a parlor, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, and 4 bedrooms in the 2 story house. The cold air causing raven to shiver. “We should get confortable in sleeping bags.” Raven wispered. Her pale white skin shimering in the light of the moon. She twisted her long black hair with her finger. “Ya then i’ll tell tou the evil story behind this place!” Wispered Sasha. The girl sat in a tight circle in the living room. “So this house is said fo be haunted!” , sasha began, ” five people lived here, A mother named Elen amd her four daughters Raveen, Rain, Lane, and Sasha.”
“Thats like are names, Raven, Rainy, Alain, and Sasha.” Said Raven. “Yeah and it gets even weirder! Raveen and Rain were twins! Anyway, Sasha was the eldest at 16, Lane 15 , and Raveen and Rain 14. Wich are are ages! Sasha the eldest was becoming mad from a fever. Her mother was dying of the fever. Lane took care of the two till the mother died. Leaving Sasha in charge. Sasha was mad from the fever unable to get a job. Her younger sisters starving. So was sasha. So one night Sasha tied her sisters to there beds, she strangled Lane, riped Rain limbed by limb, and left poor Raveen to starve on the bed nezt to her limbless sister. Sasha felt awful and ran away and was eaten by wolves!” Sasha finished her story. Everone laughed, exept Raven. The girls finally fell asleep. Raven woke up to find her sister, Alain, ans Sasha missing. Then she heard the muffled scream. She ran up the stair to the first room. She saw Alain dead her eyes taken out. She went to fhe next room Rainy shivering. Rainy had no arm, legs, eyes, and her mouth cut off. “SASHA DID THIS TO YOU DIDNT SHE!” Raven yelled paniced. Poor Rainy death in her eyes. Shook her head to weak to do anything else. But Raven didnt see and then Rainy dies before she could stop her sister. Rainy ran into the the next room. Sasha was tied to the bed shaking and crying. “WHAT DID U DO TO ALAIN AND MY SISTER!” yelled Raven. “I told the story wrong. It was Raveen who went mad!” She yelled pointing to a mirror. Raven looked into the miror she had a knife in her pocked and four round objects. Alain and Rainys eyes. She turned back to Sasha. Now Raven was siting on Sasha’s bed. Sasha’s eyes in her hands. “NOOO!” She screamed. She ran down the stairs a pack of wolves with no eyes knocked her down swollowing the eyes. One still had to eyes. Raven struggles from the wolf. But it finally ate her eyes. She screamed till she bleed to death.

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