The Shattered Reality

Author’s note: Try to find the message the relays within the story, I went more realistic with my story. Haha!!!

My name is John, 25 years old. Threw my years of living on this Earth, I had been to places in the world without ever leaving the comfort of my home, as weird as it may seem, here is my story. As a kid, I never got to go anywhere, my dad locked me up as if I were a prisoner. I never talked with anyone, I never seen anyone, I never mentioned anyone. I was all alone throughout those years of living with the “twisted-monster” I had called my “father”. My dad would hit me all the time, eventually hurting me to the point I would bleed, most times I would be in the hospital, and it became normal to me. He let me go to school in Washington, but if I mentioned seeing anyone, I would get slapped for supposedly “breaking his trust”. As a kid, I had dreams of my own to venture away from home. Posters were spread in my room with pictures of places like Paris, Germany, Asia, Japan, etc. I loved seeing those posters as a kid, I imagined going to these places whenever I had the time.

It felt like I was there, I could see everything as if I was there. I could see the Eiffel Tower in Paris clear as day, I could see the blossom tree’s blooming in Japan, it felt so real to me. It became a regular thing to me, and I would eventually stop talking at school, focusing on work to achieve this goal I wanted as a kid. My mission was to venture out in the world, I wanted to be a traveler. But I also had other dreams in mind like becoming a musician or artist. Things change though when time flies by. About 10 years rolls by, I am now graduating from high school, I had been getting counceling lately to cure what I believe to be is my trauma. The whole world around me felt unreal to me, I could not tell where I was regardless of what I was told. My mind had shifted to being in many places I wanted, it was like I was dreaming with my eyes open.

Friends felt like “NPC’s” in a video game, trees felt generated, and the environment felt unnecessary. I felt like nothing was real. The pills I was taking helped to ensure where I was really at, they did help give me my sense of reality, but from time to time, I would stop taking those meds to just venture through my own world like it was a superpower. Until eventually, I had hit a point where I could not see the “real” world anymore, I was lost. Being an adult however has taught me that no one can help with what they don’t know, anyone I would talk to, thought I was crazy and eventually I stopped getting in touch with the reality I lived in. It feels like fragments to what I believed to be “real”. Every time I sleep, I am awake, every time I am awake, I am asleep. Any reality I believed would become a different reality much later. One moment I am a rockstar, next I am a mult-billionaire. I had bias of shattered reality for where I was, every answer I gotten was another question. “Who was I?”, the name is John, “Why am I here?”, to be happy, “What is my purpose?” All questions I would ask everyday, but got little answers to my questions. I could never know the truth for why this is happening. Then I stopped, as of now reading this, I had now taken my last breath on Earth, in the woods is where I had disappeared, at least, I think.