The Shadow Man

For as long as I can remember, I could always see him. When I was 6 years old, it was the first time I saw him. I called him “The Shadow Man”. I told my parents about him. They didn’t take it seriously, they believed that it was just my imagination. I would see him just standing in the dark places in the house.

Once the power had went out during a storm. I could see him. Despite of how dark it was. He was reaching his hands towards me. Before his hand got any closer, my parents came in the room with their flashlights. I didn’t bother to tell them again about The Shadow Man. They would have brushed it off again.

As I got older, he started to appear more and more. Sometimes, I would see him running in the corner of my eye. My friends tell me that I’m just paranoid and that it was just in my head. That’s what I wanted to believe too.

But the things makes me feel uneasy, is when I go to bed. I would feel the weight of my bed slightly shift and the feeling of hot air breathing on my neck. I quickly turned around to see who was in my bed, but nothing. As if they weren’t there at all.

I heard a ghostly chuckle, coming from the far right corner of my room. “Who are you? What do you want?” I yelled completely terrified hearing his voice for time. I turned my head away from him. People who have reported about the shadow man, that if you see face you’ll ever see.

“Isn’t obvious? I’m here for you.”

  • Love2Bscared

    Great story but I’m confused by the second to last sentence: “People who have reported about the shadow man, that if you see face you’ll ever see.”

    • CrackInTheWall

      I think it’s supposed to say something like: “People who have reported about the shadow man say that if you see his face it’ll be the last face you’ll ever see.” You’re right, though. Great story!

      • Love2Bscared

        Ty! I kinda figured that’s what it meant but I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something else! Lol Now that I look back at it, it does sound like a stupid question! Lol