The Ring

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Sure, title might sound stupid but hey, people do s**t for stupid reasons. My name is Catherine. I’m 14 years old with fluffy, long, black hair. Yes, I’m a short-ie and a nerd.

Either way about this ring, my sister gave it to me a few months ago; like around the first month of my school year. I made sure I would never take it off. Well, apparently I’m stupid; I lost the ring. I left ring next to the restroom sink but, the ring didn’t really mean s**t to me. I found it on the exact day I met someone special. Well, at least I thought he was. Our relationship was pure puppy love until he started making up lies and flirting with other girls. I thought it was love but, I saw him with a s**t. She once asked him to look at her b***s to check if they were showing and IN FRONT of me. Like come on and my a*****e Puppy Love Boyfriend looked. As smart as I am, I became stupid enough to forgive him.

I went in the bus with my guitar, I was mad at myself. I had my ring on so I looked at it as a highschool student saw my guitar and asked if I was in Mariachi. I replied yes. We started talking and I became very annoyed that he didn’t shut up. I was thinking to myself “Oh My Gosh, I’m going to slap you boy if you don’t shut the f**k up.” Well, a cute highschool student was next to him. Oh My Lord!! He had colored green-ish, yellow-ish eyes. Kinda hazel but not really. He had blond-ish, brown hair and he had these – I don’t know, I’m a teen. Leave me alone!! Either way, as they always say the cute ones are always the stupid ones; he heard the entire conversation and yet he asked me “Hey,do you play guitar?” Like boy please, no! Please! I sarcastically responded, “No, it’s a big a*s violin.” and answered him,” yes, I do.” We all laughed right before the other highschool student left. The cute one started talking to me. Well, either way, the next day I wanted to kill my jackass puppy love. I was on depression mode. When I got on the bus, I sat in the very back, alone. Cutie sat next to me while I was crying. MY GOD!!! I was trying to be sad but, he made me smile like an idiot. That’s when I decided to break up with my puppy love.

The next day I was free, completely! Everyday I sat next to Cutie. His name is Jose and he’s 15 years old. We got really close. In fact, I don’t even remember giving him my phone number but I did. We started texting. Then, one night, he texted me saying that he was with his girl. Dammmn! That text stabbed me. I told myself that I never had a chance. The next day he talked about how many girls he had… I yelled at him with my watery eyes telling him how I thought he was different but, he was just the same as every single guy who’s hurt me. How could I think I could be friends with him while he was a f****d up guy like the others. I was about to slap him but I couldn’t. So, I sat 6 seats away from him. When he was going to get dropped off, he waved goodbye. In response, I waved him my middle finger.

4 months I ignored him. On that 4th month, I decided to apologize. He asked me, “Why if you were right? Thanks to you, I’ve changed.” I was happy and we started texting again. Then, on 2/27/17, he told me he liked me by text. I confessed that I like him too but, I reread the texted. It said liked. The “ed” f**k up my smile. I told him that it was in the past so we should forget about it.

The next day, 2/28/17, he asked me out in person!

It’s about 3 months together. Today is 2/27/17. Between these 3 months, he pretended to propose to me with the same ring my sister gave to me. Yesterday, 2/26/17, I lost that very ring. I became crazy. So crazy that I disrespected my dad for the first time. He slapped me and told me to respect. My mistake was yelling, “Like the same way you respect me! Like crap and a slave!” He slapped me. I went to my room and cried and cried and cried. I fell asleep crying. Today I even woke up crying. When I looked to my right, I found my ring. I couldn’t wait to tell Mom! I ran to the living room and my dad saw me. He had a look in his eyes as if he had seen the devil. I asked what was wrong while my mom dropped a plate she was putting on the table. She asked me if I seen myself in the mirror. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was completely pale as if I had a deadly disease. I didn’t look like my normal myself. When I saw the ring, it shined so beautifully that I thought that everything was okay but, my heart stopped. All I remember was hearing Mom yell and now everything repeats. The day ends. The same the morning starts. The same “I lost my ring.” The same “I find it ” and I “black out.

Then, one morning I decided to throw the ring but nothing changed. I didn’t understand! Then, I woke up and I saw nothing but white walls and floors. I was wearing a white sweater. I was scared. I saw a white door. I kept trying to open it but it was locked. I saw the ring on my finger and I couldn’t think about anything but killing myself. No matter how hard I hit my head, nothing happened! I got tired! I tried everything and yet nothing happened! I cried and gave up.

I woke up on my bed. It was June 1st. The last day of school! I look on my right; nothing was there. I looked at my finger and there it was shining like a million stars. My ring! I ran in the kitchen and no one was there. Not even in their bedrooms! My mom, my dad, and grandma weren’t at home so I ran to Jose’s house. He was there sitting on the ground. I went and I hugged him from behind his neck but, he didn’t turn around. I saw the necklace he gave me ,on my birthday, in his hands while he began to cry as he touched it. I asked him what happen. I didn’t get a reply. I saw his mom coming out and I asked her what happened and she didn’t reply. She asked Jose if he was going to the funeral. He hesitantly answered yes. I was in the car with him yet he never looked at me. We finally got to a grave yard. As I looked up, I saw my name and my picture. I was dead. Correction, I am dead…

  • MissMe123

    This story is hard to follow and makes no sense….

  • EeveeArcanine

    I have no idea what I just read

  • Brandon Barrett

    I don’t follow the story tbh

  • JBabi3

    I’m really, utterly confused