The Right

Hundreds of years ago there was such a horrid thing called the right. The right was a ritual upon the greatest Knights in that generation. The chosen knights would be split into different areas of land and for days be forced to track, fight, punish and finally slaughter one another. The Knight that would return after the long hard year of utter brutality would be awarded the right. The right would give any Knight the chance to slaughter any one for any reason with no punishment.

This right still goes on today but besides Knights bestowed upon the greatest beings of ruin, human or not. The trials would be the same as the past times but more intense as time and weapons got more brutal. The only rule in this game is you can’t use any kind of gun and if you do the being that holds the right will track you down and have punishment for your crimes as they see fit. The right lasts for five years and a night to do anything they want or desire.

This right was created to keep the planet at a state of equality but the years that past has made the world a more violent place. The scary and intense thing about this ritual is they need to sacrifice people who know about this right. People do not come after you oh no, hell hounds, demons, and creatures are sent to find you then take you away from everything you love. They create stories for your family to read and even copy your hand writing, voice, and set a bot to copy your every move and even have your feelings.

They will tell everyone you know that you have died in war or was found dead at an untimely accident. Your family, friends, and loved ones will show up at your funeral and grieve for you. At the time of your funeral they will begin torturing you. Over the next five years drain you of your blood for sacrificial purposes until you are used up than discard you in a pile of bodies to burn. No one will thank you for you sacrifice but I can tell you without your blood the ritual would never be real, so thank you.

You can keep an eye out for them but it will not protect you from any of them. Lock yourself in a room and keep yourself up, a demon will appear and take you straight to the torture chamber. The best thing you can do is give up and let them take you, at least they will treat you better than the rest. You will know if you’ve been chosen by a simple letter typed to you inviting you to come and be sacrificed.

I formally invite you to join us for the formal five-year right ritual. You have been chosen to take on the responsibility of a sacrificial being. If you accept calmly wait for us in a silent manner, we will come soon. If you decline this invitation we will have to catch you and treat you as a traitor to the ritual.

Truly Yours, The Watchman

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  • 123KidZ

    really amazing story for my first read! To be honest I love the detail and stuff that brings it to life

    • Jackson Snooks

      Thank You! I hope you check out my other stories they all should have that feel

  • Rand Al’Thor

    I am the Reaper I have the right

    • Jackson Snooks

      I see you got the concept in my story lol thank you for reading!

  • Jackson Snooks

    Thank you for reading! This story can be creepy if you think in a certain way but thank you for the feedback

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    Nobody will ever thank you! So, thank you.

    I’m really scared actually

    • Jackson Snooks

      That’s what I aim for lol Thank for reading!