Mark Curse

To whom this may concern,

I’ve recently come across more money than I could have ever imagined. Although this may seem like a blessing, it is also a curse. If you found this message you’ve clearly come to hear the story of the marks. But listen well for you may also understand the risk in making the mark for yourself. This is not something that should easily be decided in a day, be wary of my warning for this is the last one you will hear.

The mark is simple yet the objective you seek may cause this to change. The mark consists of two lines parallel to each other, and a circle of any size. It should be noted that the two lines must cross over both ends of the circle. This mark is harmless and will not have any affect. The mark can be painted, drawn in pencil, pen, and markers; But can only be drawn in red or black colors. This is the first step. You will now need to wait between 11:00 and 1:00. You can have one more person join you if you add another mark. The mark should not be in light or on a table, there should not be any distractions, such as: tv on, lights, fans, windows open, or any other person not participating in the room. Now that you are ready you can begin the curse. Place an object you treasure dearly on top of the mark, the circle must be fully around the object. Sit down or kneel facing away from the object/objects if there are two of you. Now cover your face with your hands and wait around two minutes before looking up. You may feel dizzy, cold, light-headed, you might hear strange sounds coming from behind you, or feel sore in your back during this time. If you experienced any of these, the curse has begun.

During this time you should not remove the object from the mark, or the curse will end. The next day try to stay indoors. If you go outdoors you might be watched by a man with a young girl; It is important to stay away from the two while they watch. Keep looking over your shoulder to be sure they are not close. You will notice that you might feel refreshed during the first day, or a feeling of pure joy. Each day that your object remains on the mark you will get better fortune. You might see yourself losing weight, looking better, being more happy, acquiring money, or people being helpful. Upon the third day, the visits from the man and girl should stop. If not, remove the object from the mark immediately! for you may start slipping into insanity. If the visits do stop, be prepared for what may occur. On the fourth day you have a chance of a thing following you, this things is also the man and the little girl. But during this faze it will disguise itself, whether it looks like an animal or human. I would stop the curse here if I were you… but if your greed out weighs the risk like me, stay on the move.

Your house is the only safe place that “it” wont enter. If you stay in one place to long you could be injured, I’ve felt needle like pain on my back and was bleeding on multiple occasions. More accidents will happen and injuries will become more sever. If the accidents stop the thing following you will later attempt to “suicide” you, making fatal accidents appear more often or even hanging you and leaving a suicide note from you behind. If you survive these attempts you will be granted extremely good fortune and achieve more goals than you have before.

I’ve never gone farther than 10 days, and had experienced over 20 life threatening moments. No one will see the thing following but you, and it doesn’t even need to touch you for bad things to happen. If you understand the risks of the curse at hand and require a certain luck or wealth; use this curse at your own risk… legend is you will be killed in your sleep after 13 days. Share the curse with friends to increase the amount of days you have.

Mark C. Urse

Author’s Note: Thanks everyone who read this, it took a bit of time and I’m glad to be writing this, go ahead and try the curse yourself make sure to post your luck online for more stories like this.

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    Loved the Mark Curse story, Mark C. Urse

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    Pfff, I don’t need any “help” to make life threatening accidents happen to me. I can do it myself.

    Nice story man, keep up the good work!

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    That was good

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