The Respawn Project

I’ve been caught, I was at least. TRP, that’s what they called themselves, The Respawn Project. They warned me before, but then, I only thought of it as a joke, a prank, but, it is real. Dammit how could I be so blind. They took me, dragged me out, tossed me in the desert with a camera. They wanted to watch me freeze or burn, or worse, live to tell. They wanted to see what happens when someone pushed too far gets back on their feet. How the hell is it that I’m alive. Please I just wished that I believed them, now I am one of them, I am the piece. The Desert Is Clear wasn’t just a normal casual scare. How can I keep this moving, all these horrors. The blood on their tiled floors, the tests, all those tests. Who were they. Dammit I hate imagining it.

I was walking to get my cheap weed down at the corner, yeah it’s legal but super expensive, not like how I remembered. I went down and there was a hooded man, I just thought it was my guy, but he turned around and the face, he was all mutilated, he had no face, what WAS that thing, it was still alive, barely, just gagging, but he fell and once his body hit the ground, so did I.

The next thing I remember I had myself strapped to a bed, it looked like an ambulance stretcher, but I was stuck, my upper half barely sitting up. But I looked around and I swear it looked like something from SAW, just a room with pipes and tiles, broken and water leaking everywhere, it was hell, there was a double door entrance, cameras pointed from every corner towards me, in the damn center.

Some big guy in a black KKK dress walked through after I woke up, it looked f*****g scary, I didn’t see his face, but I knew he was interested me. He had a pair of locking pliers in his left hand, then he walked over to me. He told me to remain quiet and be cooperative, otherwise he would have to make it harder for me. He told me to open my mouth, I just squinted my eyes, staring at him, he asked again, but he just looked at the camera for a hammer, I started whining and mumbling, then opened it shakingly. He told me to be good and it would be done faster, he took the pliers and stuck them in my mouth, opening it wider. He then started to rub my neck and went down to my stomach, I felt like I was about to vomit, he raised the back part to make me sit up fully then that’s when it happened, I vomited all over my clothes and chunks of black substances came out. He reached into the vomit right after and pulled something black and fast, it was some kind of insect, I saw it with tears coming out of my eyes. He pulled out the pliers and I vomited again. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT THING!? WHAT WAS IT DOING INSIDE ME, GOD IS THERE MORE!? Where am I and what the hell is going on, is this some kind of nightmare, am I hallucinating, am I insane?! God that the f**k was that thing.

“See, you are more than usual, maybe even bi-usual, you’re the most interesting thing I’ve seen Mr. Wolf” He told me, in those words. God he was insane, and he knew who I was, what the hell kind of crackhead is he. He then knocked me out with some kind of gas, smelled like alcohol. “Keep a smile on your face, you’re better than others y’know.” Those were the words I heard before I fell unconscious and the next thing I knew, I woke up in a desert, a camera tied around my neck, attached to a necklace. I wondered for hours until I found a desert park ranger, I told him I went jeeping and broke down, couldn’t find my way back to camp. He drove me to the nearest camp, there I met a few people headed to a town near mine, I was grateful to get help from them, they drove me back and I’m now telling you, this is where I’ve been for a couple months. I want to bring light to what The Respawn Project is, and this is the only way I know how, I’m sorry to drag you all into this. I still think of that bug, what was inside me, god dammit. I need time.

~P.M. HorrorWolf

  • Lukmin

    I think the story isn’t very good. The plot isn’t explained well enough, and the ending is boring without pay-off, it raises questions that never get answered like, why were bugs in him, or why are people getting kidnapped, who is the man with the pliers? It’s okay to be ambiguous, but you should answer some questions to keep it interesting. The main character is bland also, something I find strange is the overuse of swearing, cursing is fine, but it is said in an awkward way. And sadly I don’t like of the many of the content in this story. These are just a few suggestions to consider when making your next story, I hope to see you improve in the future!

    • Sierraa

      agreed. there is just not enough detail or information at all. there’s no point.

  • Yaboi

    Very good writing with such good context, characters, mistakes, of course, more at the introduction, but totally RUINED by the end, rushened to total failure, possible masterpiece ruined, I say it again, great initiative, good ideas, it hurt me to see how bad it became. 4.7/10 because of the start. WRITE IT AGAIN MAKE IT GOOD, LONG, LIKE IT NEEDED IT TO BE, PLEASE.