Sleep Paralysis

I was always a kid who had paranormal encounters, but that night was different. We had a big house at the moment. It was rented. It was a winter night, me and my family would sleep in the same room because it was heated well. At night we would lock all the doors, so that the room stayed at a good temperature. I fell asleep first that night, and now I wish I didn’t.

I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason, and I started to hear sounds from the house, the hallway, to be exact. I didn’t get up to check what it was, because I remember I could not move. I could only move my head left and right. As I was looking with my head trough the room (in the position I was in bed I had a door right in front of me, and one to my left, both locked and both with windows on them), I look to the door on my left, then to the wall on my right ,then… I freeze. Through the window of the door in front of me was the scariest looking thing I have ever seen, looking at me, with a death stare.

The thing looked like a lady, more like a zombie, she had white ripped clothes, and dark eyes. I wanted to scream, but I felt like I was suffocating. She starred at me for what seemed like an eternity. Then the scariest part of that night began. The door slammed open, and the thing opened its mouth more than any human could. It started screaming and it flew, in like one second to the bottom of my bed. When it touched the bed, it disappeared in thin air, with the scream that it was making slowly fading. After that, I could move again.

I thought that was the end, but when I turned around to look at my brother, he was starring at me with the same death stare, the same black eyes the creature had. My heart was frozen. This time, it only faded, just to see that my brother was not even there. He was in another bed. I fell asleep really hard, but, when I woke up that morning, it seemed like a dream.

I got to the kitchen, I told my mother everything. She then said something that would hunt me to this day. She had a dream where she heard a door getting slammed open, in that same night. And after that she asked me if I was playing a prank. I asked her why. She said that in the morning, when she woke up, the locked door that I saw the creature coming trough was open, and the key was thrown somewhere in the room. I froze and changed the subject.

Recently, I heard about sleep paralysis, and I was happy that I found the answer, then I remembered, the door was open in the morning. At that moment I felt some cold air at the back of my head, I knew it was that thing, that it was gonna go after me. We moved out of the house around 1 year after the event. Sometimes, I wake up in the night with the same cold air, just to hear a girl whispering my name, slowly… This is a real story, and to this day, after 4 years, I still sometimes wake up to hear my name, or to feel that thing around me. That cold, death like air.

  • Rose Morrison

    This is a very chaotic piece. The plot jerks along in fits and starts, the storyline is disjointed and cannot decide if it is past or present tense, and coupled with the spelling and grammatical errors, it is a difficult read. Please, edit, edit, edit. Don’t be discouraged, please keep writing.

  • Angela Love

    This was a good read. I did have to go back and proofread because I would get lost at times. Also, there are people who truly get sleep paralysis. And some of these individuals explain it similar to this read. I’ve been told that it’s called “The witch riding you” therefore a person can’t move when going through that traumatic state. But the individual can see everything that’s happening. Scary, traumatizing and spooky stuff🤐.

  • Cinymin

    If this is a real story, then it’s a very good one. However, it desperately needs editing, and to flow better with some transitional phrases and sentences.