The Ghost in My Life

Hi, I’m Eryk and this is my story of how God turned his back to me,

How it all started was quite cliché actually you know a kid by himself bored out of his mind, like at this point anything really would come to my mind even the dumbest ideas, but this idea was worst than dumb it was insane like I would usually read about Ouija board experiences and I thought it was all lies I thought it was all staged and that nothing is really in the other realm so me being me bored I decided to buy one from one of my friend just living quite close to me and obviously if I was going to play with spirits I’m going to be prepared so I listened to every possible rule, every rule except one which was to never play alone so just like that I started playing when I did it for the first few minutes nothing happened so I just decided to go downstairs and get something to drink and that’s when I heard a loud thump on the first floor of my house so loud making my cutlery that was hanged on a rack shake.

I hesitated to go upstairs but something just made me go up. I went up and everything was in its place so I just decided to continue with the game. First I obviously asked, “What’s your name?” in which the piece moved spelling “T-Y-L-E-R” then another name right after the first one “L-U-C-Y” I was paranoid at this point spilling my glass of water while moving slowly back my first thought was to just leave it but I couldn’t just leave it at that so I just played on ignoring the fact that something bad might happen to me. Next I asked, “If you’re here make a noise,” at this point my heart stopped as I heard a whisper in my ear saying “no” I jumped back lunging onto my bean bag staring at the place where I heard that noise which was a dark empty corner in my room.

The next day I woke up for the school like usually but something felt off it felt as I was walking out my house someone was watching me I mean that was to be expected since what happened yesterday.I jumped on the bus and off to school I went.

The first lesson was the lesson I usually fall asleep in so that’s what happened as I’m falling asleep to the teacher talking my eye started twitching so I rubbed it thinking it would go away then finally as my eyes were closing I seen someone at the door of our classroom but no one seems to see the person so I told the teacher, “Sir, there is someone at the door,” he looked and he just said that there was no one there so I rubbed my eyes again and the figure seemed to go away then the teacher asked me if I was OK so I replied, “Yeah, I’m fine,” I could hear people quietly laughing behind my back.I was so embarrassed, but still, I didn’t take my eye off that door for the whole lesson.

One Month Later 

Finally when I thought it couldn’t get worse, it did, from cups being thrown from one end of my room to the other from doors shutting on me and even to sleep paralysis, the first month was the worst for me and I knew that that’s only the beginning.

Half a year later I did something I still regret to this day, I came back to talk to the spirits, so I did what I always did, set the board up, ask questions and just hope for the best which in this case was impossible first question that I have asked was, “Are you still in this house?” it took about five minutes but the reply finally came through and the response was “Y-E-S” I was relieved to see that but yet scared, so another question went through my mind, “Why are you here?” and that’s when my the board itself started moving, making the piece point at “P-O-W-E-R” I couldn’t take it anymore I grabbed the Ouija board and threw it out my window five minutes later I hear a knock on my door I go down to check who it was (I was hoping it was my brother back from his party) as I open the door the most horrific figure was standing outside, a disproportioned tall anomaly standing holding my Ouija board, I couldn’t move at this point as he leans to me and says “THE GAME IS NOT OVER” his smile was going from ear to ear, my hands were shaking, as I took the board his smile seemed bigger and bigger.

Then just like that I woke up back in my bed 09:45 on the clock with the Ouija board in my hands, and I’m just there staring at the ceiling, praying for God to help me, I just wanted this nightmare to end.

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