The Purge

It was the night of the annual purge. My family and I were asleep hoping nothing crazy would happen. We were lucky usually.

Suddenly I heard a scratching noise. I shot up outta bed and looked out my window. I seen a tall white figure staring directly at me. He had blood all over his white suit. He was holding a golden sword covered in blood. He tapped the tip of the sword on my window and said that he wanted to finish the night with one last killing. He darted out of my sight.

I grabbed my laptop that was hooked up to our surveillance system and slid under my bed. I quickly opened the laptop and started scrolling through the different cameras. I stopped at the front door. I seen the sword being staggered and over through the door.

I heard loud kicks and seen the door shake with each kick. Suddenly the door fell to the ground. I heard whistling and seen him step in twirling the sword. He stopped and looked up at the camera. He walked slowly over to the camera. He looked up and said:

“Here I come,” then took his sword and slashed the camera. It went to static.

I slammed the laptop screen and covered my mouth. I heard him sprinting up the stairs and down my hallway. He turned my door knob and walked straight in. Slowly walking to the foot of my bed. Whistling and dragging the sword. He stopped faced the bed and said calmly:

“Don’t worry, I’ll be quick. There isn’t much time.” He pushed the bed to the side of my room exposing me. He looked at me and took a few steps closer. Smiling he raised the sword above me and started counting.

“3… 2…” Before he could reach 1 the alarm blasted and the computer voice blasted three the loud speakers.

“The purge is now over. All crimes are illegal as of now. Emergency services are back up. Thank you for your participation That concludes this year’s purge.” We both looked at each other. My face with relieve, his face with disappointment and anger. He dropped the sword down to his side. Turn around and walked out not saying a single word.

  • Luna

    This has no point to it it’s exactly like the purge but no death wack

  • Puddin Tane