The Paranormal Pictures

*buzz buzz* I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating. “Uuugggghhh,” I moaned as I looked over to my alarm clock. It was 2:57 am. “Who texts this late!?” I said to myself.

I slowly got up and walked over to my desk to unplug the charger from my phone. I carried my phone back to my bed.

One unread text

I didn’t recognize the number. I opened it up. It was very strange…the place in the picture looked familiar. It took me a minute to figure out what or where it was. It was a picture of the block I lived on.

It freaked me out! I didn’t know what to think. I thought it was a prank so I put my phone on the bed table by my alarm clock. I laid back down and close my eyes.

A few seconds later my phone buzzed again. At this point I was getting annoyed. I rolled over and grabbed my phone. I opened it up, and I thought it was the same picture as before. But I realized I was wrong. It was similar to the picture before, but closer down the block. In other words closer to my house.

I didn’t think much about it. I again, but my phone back on the bed table. And shut my eyes. As soon as I closed my eyes I heard buzzing again. “Oh my GOD!!” I said as I grew angry. I picked my phone back up and opened messages. My eyes started to water as I covered my mouth in shock. The picture was even closer. The picture was of MY HOUSE in MY DRIVEWAY!

I freaked out and threw my phone on the end of the bed. I turned my lamp on, and got up. I slowly crept to the window, and stood by the curtains, hesitating to open them. I put my hand on the curtain, and swung it open and looked in the driveway. It was harder to see sense my bedroom was on the second floor, but I didn’t see anyone there.

I told myself it was probably just my imagination, or a dream. But then my phone buzzed again. I quickly turned around and approached my phone. I again, for the 4th time, opened my messages. I could not believe what I saw!

The picture…was of me standing in front of my window…looking at the driveway…JUST NOW! “That’s impossible! I would’ve seen somebody!” I told myself. I started to get freaked out, badly. Then another text came in.

This time it wasn’t a picture. It was an actual message. It said:

Better watch out, better not cry. Better not look I’m telling you why. Because I will kill you!!

I was about to cry, but then I red the text again, and I held it in. Just then another message came in. It was a picture of my stairway by the front door. It was IN my house!!

I got so freaked out, I quickly got off of messages, and went the the dialer. I dialed 911 in a heartbeat. It rang twice, and then an operator picked up.

“911 how may I help you?”

“Please send someone fast! Some one is in my house!! Please please please ple-”

“Maim what happened?”

“Someone is in my house! They are sending me pictures of them inside my house! I don’t know who it is!”

“Maim? Maim, are you still there?”

“Yes!! Yes!!”

“Maim your breaking up!”


The called dropped. It was my only chance! I started to cry, I couldn’t help it. “No!!” I yelled. Then another message came in. I clicked the alert, and it took me to the message. It was a picture of the hall right when you finish going up the stairs. I then replied to it.


Then it replied back in less than 5 seconds.

Your soul.

I didn’t understand why it wanted my soul. But I didn’t care. I will not let it take my soul. It will have to put up a fight to get it.

It then sent another picture…a picture of the outside of my bedroom door. I slowly turned my head to look at my door. The knob started to twist and turn. And the door slowly opened up. I could hear a faint growl. *buzz buzz* I wasn’t sure if I wanted to look down, or keep watching the door. I decided to look down. I wish I didn’t.

The picture was of me, sitting on my bed, staring at the door. I was so confused. I went to look back at the door, but that’s when I saw the beast. It was huge, all black, with blood red eyes. It had claws the size of a 2×4, and had sharp spikes running down the area of it’s spine all the way up to it’s head.

It started to smile at me. It’s teeth were a shade of dark yellow, and were about 6 feet long. I started to breathe really heavily. The beast obviously didn’t like that. It let out this ear piercing roar, that shook the entire room. My ear then started to bleed.

It started to run at me, and I started to scoot back on my bed. It ran right up to me, and shoved it’s face right up to mine, and growled with anger! Then it started to slash me with it’s long claws. I screamed with each slice, that dug into me 3-4+ inches deep. It eventually stopped, and stood back, and just stared at me. I looked down and saw a bunch of deep wounds. Blood was spilled all over me and my bed. And that’s when I past out…and never woke up in the same world.

  • wawe

    Awesome story! Its short and exiting and ends in a perfect way! This is good stuff!

  • Simon

    “I again, but my phone back on the bed table. And shut my eyes.”

  • Netor Ananab

    ”It’s teeth were a shade of dark yellow, and were about 6 feet long.” Yes, it’s teeth appearantly reached from about the ceiling’s height all the way to about the floor.