76th Street

Hi my name is Hunter. Before I tell my story, lemme explain a little about myself.

I’m a 14-year-old. I live in Missouri. I’ve been through a lot of scary s**t. I will be explaining one of those stories.

Back in 4th grade, me and my parents moved into a new house. As young as i was, I didn’t understand why we moved so much. But we moved. I didn’t like the house, it gave me an unsettling feeling. I remember walking into the bedroom and the bad feeling hitting me in the face. It felt like I wasnt alone. It was my first night there that everything started.

I laid down for bed, saying goodnight to my mom and closing my eyes. But after closing my eyes I got a feeling, like I wasnt alone. I felt like I was being watched. I heard creaking in the closet. I ignored it and went back to sleep, only to be awoken again. It was 2am, I awoke to some strange giggling. Like a 5-year-old laughing, then it changed to a dark menacing chuckle. It was too dark to see around, but I could definitely see the outline of something…someone. It was very deformed. Where its left shoulder was supposed to be was just a gap. His head seemed sorta spiked. I pulled the blanket over me.

It didn’t happen for about another week. I kept a knife and flashlight under my bed. Just in case it decided to show up again, I had put a mouse trap where he had been the last time I saw him. I went to bed after brushing my teeth and telling my parents goodnight. I went to my bed and got the same unsettling feeling. I made the mistake of ignoring it.

I woke up to the mouse trap snapping. My alarm clock showed 1:37 A.M. And I could see the thing. It was standing this time, 6 feet away from my bed. I grabbed the flashlight and clicked it on.

I stabbed it in the head, well I attempted to. When I swung I accidentally closed my eyes and the knife never hit the thing. Instead it kept going and hit my leg. I opened my eyes and it was gone. I’ll never forget what I saw.

What happened at night wasnt all that occurred at my house. I kept finding random rashes and bruises spread across my chest and wrists. My sister moved out after my dad accused her of pounding on the walls at night. But neither my mom or me heard it. A few months later my dad starting having hallucinations. He kept saying he saw people at night outside the window with guns and ropes. He disappeared not long after. Me and my mom knew something was happening. So the night before we decided we would leave she went to take a bath…her last bath. It was 7 hours after she closed the bathroom door when I went to go check on her. I walked into the bathroom, the tub was filled with a black substance. There was a metallic smell to the air. I knew it was only one thing it could be…blood. I ran to the front door, but before I could make it there I saw him. My dad was there, staring at me. His face was pale with blue lips. I ran to my room and locked the door. I could hear him pounding at the wood. I could also hear the cracking. I had 2 choices, 1. Jump out the window and hope I survive the fall.
2. Fight the thing outside my door.

I opened the closet door and grabbed my gun. I opened my window and hung outside it, aiming at my bedroom door. He busted through the door. I shot, the kick pushing me off the ledge, to my fall. I landed, but not where I expected to land. I was in my bed, I could hear the bacon frying and the tv playing. But there was one thing weird.

The blood was still on my walls.