The Night I Saw It

It was a normal night that I typically go through. I was walking home casually from a night with my beloved. I was on video call with her while my flash light was up on my phone. Of course she couldn’t see me because the flash cannot be used if the camera is in use, which doesn’t make sense to me because isn’t it the same thing when you take a picture with the flash. Anyway, back to what I was saying; I was walking home alone talking happily with her until I started hearing noises behind me. I stopped and looked around with my flashlight but couldn’t see anything. I decided it was just in my head and kept walking while talking.

I started hearing it again and I decided to walk faster. It kept getting louder and louder. I ran faster. I was going to run till I couldn’t go anymore. The sound stopped and I ended up near the woods. I was surrounded by trees everywhere. The sound was no more and my girlfriend was panicking at this point about what was going on. I told her that I was ok and that it seemed like I was being followed but something that I didn’t know. I started walking out of the woods when I turned around and there it was.

It was taller than me. Its body was completely black and it looked as if it had animal legs as normal human legs. It had long sharp claws and a toothy devilish grin. Its eyes glowed red and smoke came out from its nose. It had sharp horns on top of its head and it began to reach for me. I bolted out of there and ran as fast as I could. I dropped my phone along the way trying to escape. I could hear it grunting and chasing me. I heard the laughter that the demon had upon him. I ran as fast as I could. I ran up the steep hill as if it wasn’t there to get to my house. Once I made it to my house, I locked the doors, all the windows were closed shut and locked, I pulled down the blinds, I covered them with curtains. Thankfully my siblings were already in bed so they didn’t know. My parents were at work at this time so I couldn’t tell them anything in fear of getting yelled at. I decided that next morning I would go and get my phone back. I barely slept that night and as soon as I saw the sun up I left again.

As I was retracing my steps and having a pocket knife with me this time, I came upon those woods again. I walked in hesitantly and saw it. It looked like some sort of campsite but there were bones hanging on lines and weird looking dolls built and nailed to the trees. I kept walking and looking at those dolls when suddenly I saw two that looked like me and my beloved. Yet the doll that looked like my girlfriend had red liquid on it. I touched it and realized it was blood. I grew more concerned and started walking backward until I tripped over something. I sat up and saw a figure that I didn’t know yet of what it was. I uncovered it and looked closer. It was my girlfriend. I saw my phone was right by her. I quickly grabbed it and got up with tears rolling down my face not just from seeing my girlfriend dead but from the fear and sickness that has overcome me. I tried to run out of those woods as quickly as possible and didn’t look back till I was out. When I was out I looked back and saw that creature again but this time it was staring at me and pointing without moving. I ran away from there as fast as I could back to my house. I dried my tears and told myself to never ever speak of this again, and that is what I did.

Of course a search was brought up to find her body and I refused to do anything because I was still heartbroken from it all. They never found her body nor suspected me of anything and it was all dropped. I got up one day for the first time in a long time and looked in the mirror and saw how bad I looked and behind me stood that creature.

  • Love2Bscared

    Ahhhhhh! So he was the creature all along?? Great story!