The Name’s Asriel

After the release of DELTARUNE, the follow up to UNDERTALE, one of my favourite games ever, I hoped to discover a bunch of secrets that it had. Sadly now that I’ve tried to discover something that hasn’t been already discovered, I came up with nothing. That was until a couple of days ago. However it wasn’t in the game.

I replayed UNDERTALE (pacifist ending) to get more story line with the key characters that cross over, most importantly were Toriel and Asriel. I kept track that Asriel was convinced by Chara to cause mayhem, Toriel and Asgore getting a divorce, yadda yadda yadda. I never really thought of what would happen to them when they break the surface because of the fact that DELTARUNE isn’t a sequel. So I had all my information gathered up over the weekend, and being myself, let it off as I got some sleep. When I woke up, I checked over my information and got ready for school (I’m 15) and was told by my friend that we have a new student in history. I decided to text them back, “sure, I wont be with you at lunch. cya at syence,” because text. I took my research papers with a picture from UNDERTALE that I printed and shoved them in my bag, put on a green/yellow jumper, and got to the bus.

By the time I reached school, classes were almost ready to begin, and went to math. Nothing interesting happened so I wont say anything about it. Then I had science, and my friend, who we will call X to protect their identity, starting talking to me.

“Yo this new guy, he’s so cool,” they said. “He looks like that kid from Under… thing. The goat people’s kid.” I stopped unpacking when they said that. Asriel? Here? What kind of bull is that? I didn’t say anything about that or my theory about the UNDERTALE, DELTARUNE connections and just did science normally (which that class was a documentary thank God).

At lunch, I sat down in a hidden hallway, looked over what I had for my theory. “Asriel was the gamemaster normally,” I wrote down as one possibility. “Why did Toriel seem to lose interest in Sans in this game?” I wrote down in the questions category. I was then approached by a guy I didn’t know. I was holding the Asriel helping Chara up picture in my hand (because I was writing on the back when my questions and theories came to mind) and nearly choked on my sandwich.

He looked almost exactly what I thought Asriel would look like if he was human.

“You alright?” he said. He had a voice like Asriel’s too. “I’m sorry if I startled you.”

“Not a problem,” I said, as I choked my sandwich down with some water.

“The name’s Asriel by the way.” Oh God. It’s him. He offered a hand to help me up. I took it without thinking as he helped me up. I looked at the picture by my side of Asriel helping Chara. I nearly froze in shock.

It was nearly identical with the picture I had. How he helped me up, how I was looking, everything. However it wasn’t only that.

My name is Kara.

  • IronMosquito

    This isn’t really creepy… It’s somewhat well written but doesn’t seem to belong here. Good job though, big fan of Toby Fox’s work.

  • Тимофей Никифоров

    Interesting concept for a story, but poor execution. 3/5 for an effort, taking into account that you’re obviously 15 irl.