The Music Center

(This story is a work of fiction, all connections to people and some of the locations are purely coincidental.)

This was written in a journal with items that make no sense such as a watch, a piece of wood carved into what seems like an eye, and a drawing of what seems to be a map of sorts.”

The journal says:

The date is 7/21/2006, I just started in the [REDACTED] Music Center. The camp was nice, the food was decent, and the people were nice. All I had to do is stay there for a week and after that week the students do a performance to show our families that we improved using our instruments. Not much happened during the classes but I met this kid named Charles, he wasn’t very social with most of the students and I felt bad for him so I befriended him. If I had to describe him I would say that he was 5’7, so he was about 2 inches taller than me. He also had thick long black hair and a birthmark in the shape of what seems like an eye of sorts on his wrist. Very interesting.

Today is 7/22/2006, I recently found the camp quite relaxing after I got to get used to it. The cafeteria recently got a vending machine that gives you water. It’s not soda but it will do since its usually 95 degrees at the most here. Charles wasn’t at the cafeteria when I looked for him, I wonder what he is working on?

Today is 7/23/2006, we got to have free time for the rest of the day because they need to fix an issue with all the dorm rooms. Since I didn’t talk to a lot of people, I decided to just hang out with Charles for the rest of the day. As we talked about our favorite video games, Charles randomly brought up this question. “Don’t you wish that you could see time and mess with it so you can get away with the worst deeds?” I replied with confusion as to why he would do that. He didn’t respond, he just stayed silent until we went back to our dorms.

“It appears that a few pages are missing, except for the last few days.”

Today is 7/26/2006, we have one more day until the performance. So we got to practice for about 5 hours and after that we got free time at the worst time. That time is 11:00 AM, no matter what happens it’s usually foggy so you barely see where you are going. Since I had no idea where I was going, I ended up in the woods which contains ruins of an old playground which is sort of an edgy teen hang out spot. I found Charles with what seemed to be long thin sharp bones coming out his back which he used to hold on to a corpse of a deer, he was eating it’s guts from the inside out. I ran in the opposite direction and ran for what seemed like miles until I stumbled upon a clearing in the woods. It had a tall pillar in the middle with a piece of wood carved into the shape of an eye. I eventually found out that I was about 10 minutes away from the dorms. As the time I am writing this I have already locked the door and shut all the windows.

Today is 7/27/2006, it is the performance, I am afraid of what Charles is going to do. He mentioned how he wanted to be able to mess with time before but how would he do that? I might never know until the time comes. I’ll write in the journey when I am done with the performance.

Today is 7/27/2006, I regret ever coming to this performance. As I was playing music on my trombone, people were disappearing as if they weren’t there, eventually players started disappearing too. Until I blinked and somehow ended up in the area I mentioned yesterday. Bodies were being put into piles around the pillar with Charles eventually grabbing that wooden eye.

Today is 7/27/2006, I noticed that my watch was broken the very start of camp. But now I don’t think it’s broken, it has stopped, time has stopped. I am stuck here with Charles. Until I stop this.

I have lost count on how many days I have been here. I know I am stuck in stopped time but I can’t take this anymore. I’m going to kill Charles.

“There is a giant splat of blood connecting two pages together, it seems impossible to open it at this point.”