Entry #6

After what happened between me and Patchwork he gave me back my journal after untying me from the metal chair in some kind of chamber. It appears that I am some kind of bunker which might be his hide out. I was mentally tortured, he didn’t even touched me, just mentally killed my brain. I was traumatized.

I’m locked in this chamber with a severed head on the tablet next to my notebook which had a CCTV camera in the room with a bed.


“I read your diary, it was all about me. Is that how much you love me darling?”

I was just quiet looking at him.

“Oh! I told Steve about you all the time, he wants to meet you.”

Of course I can’t reply because I was taped on my mouth.

Then he put a severed head onto the table saying, “MEET STEVE HE IS DYING TO MEET YOU.”

“He’s been very lonely lately, so talk to him whenever I’m gone okay? No wait… this isn’t right! I’m not supposed to be doing this! NO! NO NO!!!!!!”

He broke down crying of agony and regret then got up quickly smiling then started laughing.

Then I started to stare at the severed head named STEVE while shaking and sweating cold then he licked my cold sweat off my neck.

“Next time, it’s blood I’m licking off from you soon.”

I started to get nervous even more until I am starting to faint. He untied me and took off my tape off my mouth giving back my diary as he kissed my forehead tucking me in and then I passed out.


Which leads to here, I just woke up writing this journal. Now to find a way to escape.

  • Panicskaterboi

    I love the plot, the characters, and the overall gist of things, though the grammer and English is so bad. You should keep writing because this is a hella dope story. You should just take this as corrective critisism. There have been several times where I wanted to stop reading because the English mistakes got so aggravating. Great story…small issues. This is amazing. Keep up the good work. 😋👍💓

  • Panicskaterboi

    The plot, characters and overall story is great. Looking forward to the next entry but the English/ grammer should be worked on. I hope you take this as corrective criticism and work to improve the issue. There were points where the English was so overwhelmingly bad that I just wanted to stop reading…but other than that it was a great story. Sorry for such negative feedback. Keep up the good work! 😋👍💓