The Most Popular Girl in School

Estelle Spencer was the most beautiful girl at school. She had perfectly wavy brown hair, green eyes, and freckles dotting her tanned skin. She had the best fashion sense, and was so nice it was hard to believe. If there were any rumors starting about her she always found out, but she always laughed it off and forgave the accuser. She was even dating a more “nerdy” kid rather than a douchebag jock. That nerdy kid, I think his name was Adam, was never bullied again. Hell, they were even voted to be Prom King and Queen. Anyone Estelle cared for enough to call her friend was worshipped. Everyone loved Estelle.

Except me.

Yeah, I’ll admit it was purely of jealousy that my friends seemed to like her more than they liked me. But to be fair that saved my a*s in the end. I mean, you can skip to the end if you want, but I’d advise you listen to the story. After all, I spent a lot of time on this, dammit.

Estelle Spencer had wiggled her way into my group of friends very easily. In fact, who I had considered my best friend, had gone and called Estelle his best friend in front of my face. The amount of betrayal I felt only fueled my stubborn hatred for Estelle more.

Estelle did try to make friends with me, multiple times. I’ll admit her looks and happy personality almost got me. After all, she was the perfect girl. But I was a stubborn b***h.

In 10th grade, she sat next to me in math class. People would always ask me to pass notes to her. I never did. I didn’t want her to communicate with other people I knew. I was just that salty. Though, looking back on it, I probably saved her from a bunch of weirdos trying to date her too. That’s when I found out Estelle was a cheater. Er, not on people, but on her tests. She didn’t know s**t. I would often catch her glancing at my paper, or to the paper of the seat in front of her. When she saw me looking, she would just softly smile and wink before looking at her paper.

Sometime in the second semester, I reported her to the teacher. I was done with her, and ready for her trance on everyone to be over. When she was dragged into the principal’s office with me, she acted confused. I remember some of the dialogue.

“What? Cheating? I would never! Sir, I’m really proud of my academic achievements, and I would never stoop to that level!” Frankly, she even looked insulted, despite knowing she had done it. She was… well, a really good liar.

She eventually convinced the principle that I was lying, despite all my attempts. Hell, I even had video evidence but that b***h somehow convinced Mr. ObliviousToLying that I had shopped it.

I was suspended from school for ten days. Yeah, ten days. Seems a little extensive for “lying about an accusation”. That’s just the power of Estelle. She can convince anyone of anything. The only one she couldn’t warp to love her was me. Even if it was only out of stubborn jealousy.

The day I need to talk about on here is… odd. It’s almost indescribable, or maybe I’m just bad at explaining things.

Estelle and my friends were going out to a local restaurant that wasn’t very popular. Estelle said she wanted to make the business more popular, since the food was apparently “amazing”.

My friends had managed to convince me to come, a feat that hadn’t been managed before. They told me I would learn to love Estelle in the short period we would be at the restaurant. I highly doubted them. Sure, cheating wasn’t the worst offence, but she had ticked me off, and I was hella annoyed.

When I met up with my friends, Estelle was already there. So were the rest of my friends. I was fashionably late, as always. Estelle appeared to be in the middle of an amazing story, judging by my friends’ longing looks at her. Even Adam, the nerdy kid from before, was there. I hadn’t been told he would make an appearance, but I was okay with it. I hadn’t talked to the kid before, but he wasn’t Estelle, so I had no problem with him. He was just under Estelle’s spell.

Once Estelle noticed me, her eyes lit up. “Hey Jacob! I almost thought you wouldn’t show up!” she said with a giggle. I narrowed my eyes.

My friends all looked up at me, some even looked mildly annoyed that I had interrupted Estelle’s story. I nearly sighed.

Sitting down next to my friend Jasmin, I asked what was happening, and if they had ordered food yet.

“Estelle was in the middle of a hilarious story from her old school,” Sarah told me, with a giggle. Jeez, was this GiggleFest?

“No, we didn’t order,” Estelle replied. At that moment, a waiter appeared. Hella sus.

We all ordered and life carried on as normal until Estelle asked us to go to the back of the place.

The others agreed. I, on the other hand, questioned why.

“Oh, well, heh, actually, my uncle owns this place. That’s why I asked you to come here. Sorry for misleading you. Anyway, I want some other views on what the back rooms will look like. After all, once we hire more staff, we want them to feel comfortable!” Estelle grinned, and I heard my friend Michael audibly sighed in adoration. Tch.

With no other reasonable reasons to not, we headed to the backrooms. Not the weird 4chan thing.

The backrooms were amazing. Spectacularly decorated, well furnished (what even?), and had all the right tools. My friends ooh’d and ahh’d, and Estelle grinned. I stayed silent.

And with a snap of her fingers, the exits were blocked off and I, having backed into a corner to be salty, was separated from those I cared for most.

Through the walls I could hear screams of terror. Sobs, screeches, the smacking of what I could only presume to be bodies hitting the ground.

I could only imagine what she was doing to them. I was frozen in shock, looking back I should’ve tried to get them out, or literally anything other than doing nothing. I still feel guilty to this day.

When the walls opened back up, I was horrified. Estelle smiling with blood spanning across her body. It wasn’t hers. I could tell from the twelve bodies of my friends and one body of what I guess is now her ex-boyfriend. Blood was everywhere. The bodies were mutilated. How she could do so much damage in so little time was disgustingly impressive. She was combing through her hair.

“It’s a shame my hair gets ruined by all the blood, especially when I spent so much time brushing it this morning,” she said calmly. I gaped.

“Why? Why would you do this? And why sacrifice me? What-”

“The answer is simple, dear Jacob. They loved me. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the betrayal in their eyes, their screams, etcetera. It’s fun. What’s not fun is when it’s some rando, or someone who hates you, like you do. Just plain boring,” Estelle yawned.

“That’s it, I’m reporting you to the police!” to that, Estelle snickered.

“Silly, police never suspect nice girls. I’m so innocent, yes? Heh. I’ve been doing this for years. Well, only once. But I trained for it. Why do you think I left my old school, dummy?”

This is a sucky ending, but with that, I never saw Estelle again. She just left the restaurant, then lied to the police. I only assume she kills more people wherever she is. That b***h.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    To be honest… I’d be fine with it as long as she killed me quick. But I’m a lonely gay potato so I’m probably not the best example. Estelle is a super pretty name though.