The Mannequin

I walked towards the dressing room of the store casually with a long white dress swinging from my arm. I had just picked it out and I was happy to try it on as it was the beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

As I approached the back of the store, I seen the lights were rapidly flickering on and off and no one else was back there. I hesitated a little, remember all the horror and paranormal stories and movies I watched. For a split second, I was just going to assume the dress was my size and hurry out of the store, but I assured myself it was just my paranoia kicking in and nothing harmful was back there.

I looked to my side to see that there was a mannequin standing upright in the corner close to the dressing room entrance. It had long brown hair and it was wearing a dress just like the one I had upon my arm now. I have to say, it looked great and hopefully it looked that good on me as well.

I continued towards the dressing room, entering and looking around. No one was in there, but every single door was occupied except for one in the very back.

A chill rushed down my spine and the paranoid feeling came back. I gulped, stepping towards the door in the back and placing my hand on the cold silver knob to open it.

I could’ve sworn I heard the sound of plastic moving sharply as if it was being torn apart. I quickly snapped my head back towards the entrance the dressing room, checking to see if anything or anyone was trying to creep up on me.

No one was there and I let out a sigh of relief, then walked in the dressing room door and closed it behind ne, locking it and setting my dress on the bench beside me.

I undressed out of the clothes I had on, picking up the dress and slipping it on. I skipped over to the mirror in the center of one of the walls, standing in front of it and twisting to both sides to examine the dress on my body.

“Perfect,” I heard a voice whisper from outside of the door. I jumped a little as my eyes shot toward the door.

“What was- who’s there?!” I exclaimed, now filled with fear…

Of course, I didn’t get a response, so I grabbed my original clothes and purse while slowly stepping towards the door. I had got my phone out had it on the emergency dial screen just in case.

I opened the door carefully and peeked outside. I seen nothing.

I fully stepped out of the room, walking towards the entrance shakily. I peaked around the corner once again, checking for predators.

Again, I seen no one.

I figured by now it was just my mind playing with me, so I went back to the dressing room and locked the door again.

I took the dress off and changed back into my other clothes, folding the dress neatly and holding it under my arm while I used other to hold my purse and phone.

I left the dressing room, but this time I seen that all the doors that were “occupied” were now wide open.

My heart nearly skipped a beat and without thinking, I quickly sped out of the dressing room and stood a few feet away from the entrance. I seen that the mannequin that was in the corner was gone, and the others that were near the front of the store had disappeared as well.

Now I’m beyond scared.

I then heard the sound of plastic moving stiffly behind me. I whirled around sharply and seen about fifty mannequins standing still as ever. They all were positioned in an odd way, as if they were in a specific formation.

It was as if they were all just staring at me and they didn’t even have eyes. Their plastic just seemed to burn through me in a creepy way and all I wanted now was to get to my car and get home as quick as possible.

The flickered on and off behind me, and every time it went off then on again, it seemed as if they all got closer to me.

I backed away in fear, but things just got worse as I had bumped into something as I flew back.

I shot around just to come face to face with another mannequin, except tho one had eyes, lifeless ones, except what they belonged to wasn’t as lifeless.

It was the mannequin I had seen in the corner near the dressing room entrance. Her hair flowed down below her shoulders and her white dress swayed below her knees.

I then looked down to see my clothing had changed, and I was in a dress identical to hers.

I looked back up at her, shocked and in fear. She wasn’t like the other mannequins. Her plastic was damaged and bloody, as if she was once a human.

Her dress was bloody as well, and her feet was so damaged you could almost see human bones under the remaining plastic.

“W-What do you want from me?” I stuttered.

She didn’t answer she just raised her arm to my forehead, causing her plastic to squeak loudly.

“Your soul,” she whispered before placing her hand on my forehead and causing all the other mannequins to hover over me.

Everything then went black.

I woke up after what felt like hours, still in the store, except I was near the entrance standing in front of a rack of clothes.

I tried to move, but the only thing that budged was my eyes.

I then seen what was once the female mannequin walk up to me, still in the white dress, except her plastic was now skin and she could move swiftly with out the dreading sound of her plastic squeaking together.

She smirked evilly as she watched me stand there, unable to move.

I tried to scream, but nothing came out, my lips wouldn’t even move.

“I’m finally free,” she said happily, glancing at me one last time before skipping out of the store with my car keys, purse, and clothes in her hand.

The other mannequins were in different parts of the store but I could still see them, and they all turned their head towards me, keeping their plastic focused on me.

I’m stuck here… forever.

  • Bonnie Manz

    It is a good story but the grammar really needs to be worked on.

    • Senia

      Oh my gosh yes. I was about to say the same thing. I’m not the grammar police by any means but at a certain point it really does take away from the story

  • Jed

    1/5 It would’ve been better if it was written eligibly.