Abandoned Warehouse

When I was a child, my friends and I had found a building, that was empty, somewhere we could hang out or a “meet up” spot. We weren’t allowed cellphones at the time, mostly because when someone did have a cellphone, they were an adult, and we had much things to do than stare at a screen. But I had moved away from the area for the remainder of my school years, after graduation of highschool and college, I returned to my Arizona roots. After settling into an apartment (which was my first home of independence) I decided to walk around, to see what’s changed of course. All my friends were busy with either a job of their own or resting at the time, as it was late when everything was said and done. Walking around, I found myself back at the old abandoned Warehouse.

I laughed, thinking how silly it was to be back here after so long, and mostly the memories that had been far left behind. It was still empty. Shrugging, as not thinking it was a crime to enter an abandoned building, I decided to enter. I instantly notice something unfamiliar. The smell wasn’t the same, I don’t remember to a T what the smell was but… This was off, the air was around ten degrees cooler than it was outside, grabbing the cellphone from my pocket, I turn the flashlight on, the device lit up as I walked around. There were stains on the concrete, odd, I don’t remember it, even though I haven’t exactly been here in quite a while, I kneeled down to examine the stain, me being color blind, of course I couldn’t tell if it were blood or some drink my friends spilled after I left.


I quickly turn to find the door shut, now I know this sounds like a regular horror movie, but it wasn’t, I ran to the door and opened it, it could’ve just shut on its own. I know,bad idea, but I decided to investigate the building, walking around, I found other stains, they trailed, being ignorant and stupid, I followed, revealing a door. Now my friends and I have a lot of times under our belt here and certainly we would’ve found this door before. It looked as old as everything else with the dust equalling the walls, I opened the door and entered. The smell. It instantly became heavier, and awful. I shined my light, seeing stairs. I unwillingly went downstairs and kept walking for what seemed like forever until I reached the end. I heard rats squeaking and saw roaches crawling the walls. It was disturbing, the feels was humid and cold. Very cold, I walked around the room, gasping at what was seen, long arms, yellow beaming eyes. Surely, this wasn’t real, surely one of my friends heard I was coming back to town and planted this, right? Now I know it seems unbelievable but I swear I felt its hand on my shoulder or it disappearing before I ran up those steps, I don’t exactly remember how it interacted with me but I remember running for my life up those stairs and home, locking my door and never returning to that abandoned warehouse, maybe I was tired and delusional, because it was around 12:00 a.m. and I knew I was beat from moving but I had to explore my hometown again. I swear I will never step foot into any abandoned warehouse again.