The Man Under Your Bed

You’ve always known there was something under your bed, even now as an adult you probably have that feeling in your head. If you have ever gone to actually check under your bed there’s nothing there. Now you feel embarrassed, sure you did that all the time as a kid but you’re like 30 now! You’re not alone. There have been many reports of people having the worst urge to check under their bed, only finding there’s nothing there. You probably think to yourself, “Of course there nothing there!” and go back to bed. You’re wrong.

I’m sorry if this makes you paranoid it made feel this way, but here is my story:

I woke up with my alarm on my Android phone it was 5:37 so I got up and got my clothes on. After taking a shower, brushing my teeth, and eating breakfast I started my day by heading off to my workplace. I work at this old office building, it’s in decent shape but could use some remodeling. I work on the 11th floor so I use the elevator, I’ve always had this fear of them as a kid but I’ve gotten used to it as I use the elevator every day. My office is a cubicle just like everyone else’s so we hear each other talk. We have fun chatting sometimes. Today was my paycheck day so I was pretty excited considering I was kinda low on currency at the time. I ended up getting lost in my work when a janitor came over to tell me that it’s time to go. I checked the time 9:30 the usual closing time for a Tuesday.

I watched some Netflix before going to bed around 1:00 in the morning, I usually stay up late considering I can’t get much sleep. I went to bed. As I was laying down I couldn’t sleep as usual, but this time it felt different, I felt like something was watching… from right under me. I went to check under my bed but there was nothing, so I angrily got back up and went to bed. After drifting off to sleep I was awoken by a sound, it was like the sound of ripping fabric, but slow and silent, I was confused for a second, but way too tired to care, so I went back to sleep.

I was woken again, “Is that sound coming from under the bed?” I thought. The urge to look under my bed was so strong I don’t think I could sleep. As I was peeping over the side with my phone flashlight I noticed a shadow being cast right under my bed, It looked like a man’s shadow. I moved my phone closer but just as I got close enough to see I felt two taps on my shoulder I jerked back up on to my bed and looked to see if anything was there but there was nothing, so I jumped up turned on the and looked around to see if anything was in my room. I didn’t get much sleep that night I was too busy waking up and looking out at my window to see if anything got in.

I’m skipping to the next night because nothing special usually happens during my workdays:

As I was going to sleep I saw someone at my window, then they ran away. I was concerned at the time so I waited awhile before going to sleep. I was woken by a banging noise but I felt it, it was coming from under my bed I simultaneously punched my bed, then I heard muffled screaming “I’m gonna kill you, I’m gonna kill you!” I ran as fast as my legs could carry me down to the nearest house. I called 911 on my phone as I was knocking on the door the kind people let me in. A lot happened really quickly. The cops came, I nervously explained to them everything that happened the cops and the neighbors. I moved to my parents place after that, there’s no way of explaining why, you’ll just have to experience it yourself, God forbid you do…

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