The All Powerful Ghoul – Part 2

Author’s Note: so you guys want a longer story and want a back story as to why the main character is doing what he’s doing. Here is a longer story a d as for the back story that will be revealed as everything unfolds in part two by the way this part has a lot of talking in it so I’m sorry about that I’m also sorry about part one but I did say it won’t be good and about the fact that I cannot reply to the comments you guys have made but I truly appreciate what has been said. Thus I will think about what I write a bit more and not blabber on. But speaking of blabbering on let’s finish this note and get onto part two, I hope it’s better than part one and I also hope you enjoy it.

It had been a long one week, six days and four hours and by my calculations I should be there in the next thirteen hours. “I honestly don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I think I should sleep.” I say to myself weakly. “Yeah that would a good idea and hopefully I’ll wake up before I get to shore,” I go down below deck and sleep in the crew’s quarters. Not as comfortable as I had expected but it’ll have to do. Then after a few minutes of shuffling around trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in my eyes shut.

Eleven hours had passed and yacht had been shaking quite a bit. Was there a storm? No it couldn’t have been a storm there was no rain or lightning. There were footsteps over head and I thought s**t I’ve been boarded. “F**k! What do I do? What can I use my kaguné against them if they’re humans?” I looked around and found my mask and a disconnected pipe but it was too big for a human to use as a weapon. “Ah a wrench. Don’t know why it’s here of all places on this boat. Oh well it’s something they would use, Now let’s see who’s out there.” I start to creep towards the door and look out of the glass piece that’s in it but what I see isn’t human. It’s tall, wears a suit and tie has pure white skin and has no face. How the hell did he get on the boat?

“Come here you,” he called out smashing the door just as I ducked out of the way in order not to be seen but it seems he found me.

“He’s in there and he’s awake so be careful you don’t hurt him and yourselves,” the tall creature commanded and then I heard more voices all of which replied with a simple, “yes sir!”

“Seriously you brought your proxies?” I shouted hoping for an answer.

“So he knows about us huh. Slendy we should kill him!” one of them shouted. I wanted to reply to that but instead I dropped the wrench, released my kaguné and walked in front of them knowing each and every one of them. Slenderman, Jeff the killer, Jane the killer, Ticky Toby and everyone else but one of them stood out. It was a girl and she had a an identical outfit Toby which was odd. I pointed at her with my kaguné and asked, “Who the f**k are you? I have never read about you at all.”

“I’m Casy,” the girl spoke. “Cracky Casy.”

I looked at her blankly and said, “Ok so you’re new. Now Mr. Slenderman why are you all here? What do you want with me?”

Slenderman reached into one of my pockets with his tentacles and took a letter out of it. Using one of the centipede like tentacles I slapped the letter away from him and put it back in my pocket.

“Do not touch it! This letter is none of your concern!” I probably shouldn’t have done that but there’s no taking it back now.

“Ok then. I’ll explain without it. I was the one that sent you that letter and we are the ‘ghouls’ called The revengeful. I called you here to join us in our little…” I stopped him and finished off his sentence. “War with Zalgo. Really? You want to drag a ghoul into a war between monsters, humans and demons!” I ranted at Slenderman p*****g him off.

“It is not a good idea if you rake into consideration that we ghouls eat humans and what are your proxies? They’re b*****d humans! What are you going to do if I go in a state of rage and kill them all and then consume them afterwards huh!” Everyone but Slenderman and Casy jerks forward a bit ready to attack. I pushed everyone who moved to walls keeping them there with some them trying to stab their way out of my grip with their weapons.

“Guys that’s not going to work. Normal blades cannot pierce my skin let alone my kaguné so how’d you expect to get out from this?” Despite what I said they persisted in trying to free themselves.

“Dumbasses. At least you two didn’t react the way they did and don’t worry as an act of mercy I won’t kill them… yet.”

Slenderman had just about enough and he tried to break by kaguné but even he couldn’t break it. He attacked it again and again and again but there was no damage at all. Finally he gave up and let out in a scream of anger, “You’re not just a ghoul!”

“What???” I replied.

“Casy show him his eyes,” Cracky Casy came up to me and produced a mirror which she held near my face and unclipped the top part off my mask.

“Why are my eyes like this! Why are they different to each other!” Casy looked at my eyes closely just to make sure she was on the same page and even she couldn’t believe what she saw. My left eye was an almost normal ghoul eye but instead the pupil was a slit not a circle and my right eye was a normal human eye with a red iris and a pupil the same as my left eye.

“This is f*****g weird! Slendy seeing as how you almost everything about me I want you to tell me how I became this when we get to your place!” At this point I was too confused to kill any of them. Instead I released them and dissolved my kaguné. But before we went I had to ask something, “Ummm quick question. How did you get on the boat?”

Slenderman replied with, “We all stood at shore waiting for your arrival. The boat landed but no one came out so we came in and ended up in this situation which actually turned out the way I had hoped it would.”

“Ok fair enough. I guess I slept longer than I intended to. Oh well let’s go before one the B.G.I.S. shows up and finds out about us all or two the British Ghoul Mafia shows up and kill us all. I’ll explain later.” We all left the yacht at that and headed to slendy’s mansion.

Three hours later more boats arrived at the same location as the yacht. Each one being the same color, black with stripes of red, and each man and woman wearing the same uniform except for three people. These three people had the same styled clothing but each a different color, one in red, another in black and the other one in purple. All three of them barked out orders to their crews and every single one of them shouted, “yes sir!” at the top of their lungs and did what they were told.

“BRING OUT THE GHOUL!” ordered the person with the purple coat. She was five foot seven and carried a briefcase like everyone else. She had long white hair, sky blue eyes and never stopped smiling. A man in plain grey uniform brought another person to the woman in the purple coat and injected him with a liquid that kept him from using his kaguné.

“So think you can sniff him out before we kill you like we did to you buddies back in england?” the woman questioned the ghoul with her smile growing wider.

“I will do it but only if I get to kill the b***h myself!” he replied struggling with his shackles.

“Hmmm hmmm just focus on finding him for us and I might let you finish him off. Sound fair? Of course it does. Now stop struggling, get up, you have a job to do. Chop chop!” The ghoul stood up and took a bite out of an unsuspecting crew member, walked several meters, sniffed the air for a few moments and finally said, “Well I know what direction he’s going in bit there’s a slight problem.”

“And what’s the problem! Can’t afford any delays!” exclaimed the guy in black who is obviously the type of person that doesn’t like to stick around. The captured ghoul turned to look at the humans and said, “He’s not alone!”

Author’s Note: Disclaimer! Don’t own the character cracky casy. If you want to know how she became who she is now then go check out creepy_gurl122’s story cracky casy and ticci toby there are ten parts and all of them are awesome so please check them out if you haven’t already.. Let me know what you to this part and I’ll see y’all with part three regardless.

  • Tristan Evans

    Despite a few grammatical errors, this was well done! Very interesting crossover Tokyo Ghoul x Creepypasta. Much better than the first. I would love to see you continue. Great job!

  • Zero Hellsing

    Thanks. Sorry about the grammar I’ll be sure to take any errors in the next part when I get round to writing it

  • slendypasta

    this is awsome i watch it myself and i never thought to do this… i would love to do something like this and maybe have you as the main character and mine could be the… second friend/ your sidekick. i would love to know if that would be fine?…i (of course) will give you credit if i do.