The Lady in The Vent

I remember it like it was yesterday.

The night I felt a cold presence in my room. Waking up in a cold sweat like I was trying to fight myself to wake up from a nightmare,  but your body just can’t move,  like your pinned down to your bed . And that’s when I Met

The Lady in the vent!


My name is Alice , now I’m 24 years old

Married , but no children.  ( Not yet at least).  When I was seventeen years old

My brother moved out , I wanted to take over his bedroom , I’ve always wanted to have my own room! I was so excited !

But my sister always wanted me there she hated to be in her own room she didn’t want to go bed  alone. Come on now Sophie we are older now we aren’t babies anymore . Sophie was hiding a secret a secret that I wasn’t told until that night.

I finally was able to get all my stuff moved into my brother’s old bed room.

Getting that last tack on the wall for my posters . I cleaned myself up watched a movie then went to bed. Now I forgot how dark this room gets so I turned on a small lamp on my dresser.  So I payed back down , finally getting to sleep I heard aloud scream , making me jump it was quiet , I thought maybe dad is still watching TV.  I looked at the clock it almost midnight,  surely dad has already went to bed . I laid back and my eyes grew heavy and drifted back off then I heard a laugh and shot my eyes open again. I looked outside nothing. Just the glow of street lights and few cars go up and down the street.  This is crazy I told myself , first screaming then a laugh!!

Am I not alone? Am I just hearing things?  I go back to bed by 2:30 I was asleep but that’s when I was my nightmare I couldn’t remember what  I do remember was that my chest felt heavy like I couldn’t breath .  Finally I was able to move and open my eyes beads of cold sweat on my head.  I got up. The room got so cold , now I know I wasn’t alone!

There was something or someone was in the room with me . My instincts told me to look at the wall I turned my head , something black was coming out of the wall, I couldn’t move.  I heard the scream again once more. I looked up and saw a woman in a vent something you would see out of the conjuring movie but your in it. I jumped out of bed and ran and jumped in bed with my sister.

She was wide awake. I asked are you okay??

All she can tell me was , You saw the woman in the vent didn’t you?

I looked at her and realized,  that was her secret that made her want me to stay.  Years went by and we never mentioned the woman in the vent until I got a phone call from my mom . I went to see her and she was blessing the house. She was by her self . She looked like she hasn’t slept and when I asked her , she told me that she saw a woman in her home.

Years go by and my mom has finally seen the woman in the vent!

  • Skorpioh

    Not a bad concept but the grammar throughout the story kind of killed the vibe :/

  • Micheal.lee

    The concept wasn’t bad, but this definitely needs a lot of work, especially with the grammar, it nearly made this into a comedic story..
    Don’t mean this in a rude way btw

  • MegaCatDragon

    It was a good story, but the grammer lost me a bit.

  • Netor Ananab

    I like the idea, but seriously, this must be a joke. The grammar is destructive, the story is rushed and short, and there are unnecessary spaces, not to mention no real sentences. Please improve.

  • Morgan Jones

    I hated it…I had no clue what was going on and it was so boring👎

  • Sudais

    You can’t even write properly man and your grammar is so messed up