The Sketcher

“Astonishing!” Mrs. Lilith said as she looked at Mic’s test scores, “do you know that your score got you in the top 3 in the nation, right?”

“No,” Mic said as she shook her head. Mrs. Lilith handed Mic an application to a private school that looked a million times better than the public school she was currently going to.

“What’s this for?” Mic asked looking confused.

“I and your teachers think you should apply to Oakstone Academy. It will be able to teach you everything here, and more. There’s also an art program there that will be able to keep your creativity going!” said Mrs. Lilith.

“But how am I supposed to get there on time?!” Mic said looking at the address of the school that was in a whole different city.

“I was thinking you could stay in a dorm,” Mrs. Lilith replied, but Mic still had a question.

“How are my parents going to afford private school?” Mic asked.

“I was thinking you could apply for the free program, you smart enough you know,” Mrs. Lilith answered.



Mic looked at her uniform and thought why the skirt had to be that short. If she would even jump a little in the skirt, everything would show. One thing she liked about the uniform was the colors: Black, Dark Red, and White. For the winter time the school gave the girls blazers to wear, that had the school logo on it. A few moments after Mic tried on her uniform her dorm mate finally showed up.

“You know we were supposed to be here yesterday,” Mic said as her dorm mate layed her bags on her bed unpacking fast. By the time Mic’s dorm mate was finished unpacking, Mic had her sketch book out.

“What are you drawling?” Mic dorm mate asked after seeing Mic so concentrated on her sketch.

“It’s something,” Mic replied honestly because she truly had no idea what it was, Mic’s drawling was abstract after all. A couple hours went by, it was now 11:37 pm, Mic was still up working on her sketch. Mic’s sketch wasn’t abstract anymore though. Mic’s drawling was a house, burning, in the middle of the woods, and next to the house in flames was a small girl that looked by the age of 4 or 5 that had matches in her hands.



Today was Mic’s first day of private school. She got into her uniform, put her sketch book in her bag, put on her book back and then left her dorm. After first period a group of 8th graders walked up to Mic.

“What’s a kid like you doing at a school like this?” one of them asked.

“Why would you like to know?” Mic said bravely looking up at the 8th graders. The 8th graders didn’t reply, they just started punching and kicking Mic until she fell to the ground. That evening when she got back to her dorm she just started drawling something, that would soon turn out to resemble Mic stabbing the 8th graders with a pocket knife.



When Mic woke up, she walked into the dorm lobby to watch the news. The news showed that a house was burnt to the ground yesterday. Mic was turning pale. The house that burnt down yesterday was highly resembling the house in the woods Mic drew but that wasn’t the reason she turned pale. She turned pale because of who started the fire. On the news it said that a girl of age 4 burnt the house, with matches. Everything from the news Mic just heard, was it all because of her sketch? Mic was torn over to believe that or not, but either way it was weird.



At lunch Mic kept hearing a voice inside her head say “do it” and “kill them” but Mic had no idea what the words meant until it struck her! The voices in her head were telling her to kill the bullies, but how?



When Mic got back to her dorm in the evening she saw a pocket knife on her dorm mates night stand, Mic then remembered lunch. Mic put the pocket knife in her pocket and headed straight to where she had an urge to go. The place she had the urge to go to was a hallway, as strange as it may seem the bullies were there. When they saw Mic, then walked up to her and started punching and kicking her. Not long after they started punching and kicking her she pulled out her pocket knife. The 8th graders backed away then one of them said, “You shouldn’t have knifes of the school property!” in a scared tone. Mic swung the knife at them then they started running. Mic might have not had that much strength, but she was a really fast runner. She was able to catch up to the bullies in no time, stabbing them in the stomach then the eye. She had her sketch book with her, and began sketching her dead bullies, with their own blood!!



BREAKING NEWS: At Oakstone Academy 3 8th graders got stabbed and killed in the school. The security cameras caught Mic William’s to be the killer. If you see a female 5’3, dark brown buzz cut, and an Oakstone Academy female uniform on please contact your local police station.


  • CSGO

    Short story but very interesting topic. I think the idea of the whatever she draws happens is really cool, maybe you could make another story with the same logic? I would love to give that a read.