The Knowledgeable

It’s been a week since I started stalking him. My next target, my next victim, my next… masterpiece. There was something off about him, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Perhaps it was something only I could see. Whatever it was, I needed to know. I am very impatient, even at this very moment I want to take his life, but I must wait. I don’t want to ruin it and lose my only chance. It must be perfect, just like the rest. He’s done the same thing every night so far, eats at a diner, then goes home to continue his night in comfort, or so I think. He’s leaving the diner now, I am going to his house to wait for him, I can’t wait.


Sitting in his kitchen I grow curious and begin to explore. Everything seemed like a relatively normal setup for a house. Nightstands, beds, couches. There had to be something I missed, why do I feel I missed something. The door in the kitchen, it’s probably just a pantry but I must know for certain.


I cannot believe it, the door was to the basement. It’s incredible, absolutely astounding. Books with strange lettering; lettering that I have never seen in my life. The books were old and dusty, and one is open. If only I could read what it says. The cover felt strange though, very leather.

“That’s because it’s made of human flesh.”

Turning around to a voice that caught me off guard. The man standing right across the room from me. This is my only chance, I grew sloppy to have let him see me. However, there is something in his right eye, something strange yet very familiar. I can’t move, frozen in awe.

“You know I’ve been waiting for you to finally make your move. Waiting for the past couple of nights, I almost switched my tactics because I thought you knew my secret. I am glad to have met your acquaintance, and to also have you as my next, what was the word you used in your head earlier? Masterpiece.”

How… how did he know that? There is no possible explanation.

“Oh but there is you see. I can hear your simple minded thoughts. I know that you were growing impatient too. I am a being that no being ever wants to meet. I guess the closest description of me would be Death The Fourth Horseman. However I do not ride a horse, and I don’t punish the wicked. Everyone on this planet is my target. Their knowledge is what I am after though. Such as yourself. I cannot wait to see what’s all in your mind, and write a new book about it. Each one of those books is a person memories, knowledge, and even soul. All wrapped up in their own skin as well. Now I have another, it’s so exciting. I say we get started now, what do you think. Wait! Don’t tell me. I already know, well the question was rhetorical, I have made my decision.”

I still can’t move, he is coming closer. What’s wrong with my body, it’s refusing to move. I feel like I am watching a movie. He has a knif-gahhh. THE PAIN IS UNBEARABLE YET I AM STILL JUST STANDING HERE. HE IS SKINNING ME, THIS IS A DEMON’S WORK. HE’S A DEMON.

“I’m no demon, you know with all my research, it seems that human beings are the closest to demons. I am no human.”


“So can I, it’s marvelous. Thank you for sharing.”