She Found Me

She follows you home.

There’s an abandoned asylum in North Carolina. I went there with a few friends and I wanted to explore it, so the three of us went inside. It was around 3 in the afternoon so it was still light out, although it was a bit dark in the run down asylum. We were only inside maybe 15 minutes and it got pitch dark. I checked my phone and it was still only about 3:30, but it looked like it was midnight. We heard a horrifying scream, making us all grow pale. We exchanged looks but my friend said someone else was probably exploring and got spooked, no big deal right? So we kept looking around. We couldn’t find any signs of anyone else in the building so we were obviously confused.

I found what looked like an office and noticed a single file laying out on the desk, so I opened it to check it out. It was a patient file.

Name: Eliza Border

Age: 26

Notice: Extremely dangerous. Fits of anger.

I read through her file, and I couldn’t believe the things I was reading. She did horrible things to the staff members and other patients, stuff like stabbing ones eyes out with her thumbs, biting a chunk out of someone’s neck, ripping off someone’s ear… the list goes on. The file had a photo of her clipped to it. She was actually beautiful. She had long black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Her eyes though… her eyes were filled with evil. I dropped the file when I heard another sharp scream. My friends and I looked at each other and then out in the hallway, and seen a girl standing there, kinda tall and slim, black hair that covered her face, but I could tell who it was. We were frozen in fear, but I finally spoke up, “What do you want? Why are you here?” She responded with another horrifying scream, this time showing us her pitch black eyes. They seemed to be bleeding, but the blood, or whatever it was, was black. Her hospital gown looked dirty and tattered, but we didn’t stay for observation after that last scream. We got out of there as fast as we could. We never mentioned what we saw.

Two nights later I got a call that one of my friends had died, somehow her head was torn from her body. I couldn’t believe this. How could this happen? I went to visit with my friends family to mourn the loss of my friend. I went into her room where we had many sleepovers, and something caught my eye…a note. All the note said was “she found me”. Who- no. NO! Oh no… Eliza followed us.

I quickly tried to call my other friend that went with us, but she didn’t answer. I hope I’m not too late.

The next day I get the call. My other friend is dead. Same thing, head ripped from the body, and another note.

“She found me”


I guess I’m next.


I’m not able to sleep that night. I lost my closest friends in the same horrific way, and I’m probably next. Then I hear it. That scream. I start to panic, I have no idea what to do, it’s too late anyway.

I go ahead and write my note. The lights flicker and then go out, and there she is. The same dirty, tattered hospital gown, her black hair falling over her black bleeding eyes. She screams.

She found me.


  • JaneTheReader

    Spooky ending! Short, but a good read 👻

    • Ess.Tennant

      I’m sorry you think it harsh to say, but when you publish work online the writer needs to be prepared to hear critique whether they like it or not. Also my opinion wasn’t meant for you, so you thinking it was harsh means very little. I do agree with the horror genre being scarce for new ideas. You can’t just tell someone something is good to protect their feelings. There’s too many snowflakes as it is, last thing the world needs is people thinking they’re good at something so they try to take it further and when reality hits them that they s**k at it, they turn into the “oh em gee I’m not good at anything my life like s***s I’m going to cut myself and just die” because they were made to believe they we’re actually good. So save a razor blade and tell the truth.

      • JaneTheReader

        Nice essay. I see your point, but everyone has a different opinion. I’m simply stating mine. Whether you care or not is no concern of mine.

  • Ess.Tennant

    This was not well written, like at all. Boring, same old story line of a killer ghost in an asylum. Not even good for a short story. Unless of course this was a child writing it, then if so, keep practicing sweetheart.

    • JaneTheReader

      I think that is slightly harsh, but I get that it is cliche. It must be hard to find something that hasn’t been overused in the horror genre, so I give them credit for that.