The Cult: Epilogue

Rain fell heavy as a cop car drove quickly down the dark night road. It met little traffic at this late hour, which the driver was quite happy for. It was nearing midnight, everyone was at home and asleep at this time, another happy note for the cop. He scowled out into the darkness listening to the kid in the back rambling on about some terrible accident.

“Note to self: type recording into post when I get home. Hey guys so the last part ended abruptly since someone was at my door. Good news it was just a cop at the door. Bad news, he said my parents and little sister had gotten in a crash and wanted to bring me down to the hospital to see them. He was having a coughing fit as he escorted me. He didn’t show his face but, probably just distracted by the radio that kept going off. Sounded like something nasty happened to a cop. All I got out of it was hard to recognize and something about his uniform. Anyways, like I was saying, after that night I had nightmares and still do of those events. I tried a therapist but, that didn’t help so I resorted to this, like I already said at the start. So if you guys just want to email me about any questions you have, use the email on my account page and I’ll respond as soon as possible.” He finished, clicking off the recorder, picking up a notepad and writing notes down. He cleared his throat, clicked the recorder back on and started to speak again glancing at his notepad, “Hey guys so I’ve got some good news and some…”

“Didn’t you just say all this.” quipped the cop

“Yeah, but I could change a few things about it.” The college student responded. “I’m not bothering you am I?”

The cop grunted in response, “I’ll deal with it.” The kid gave him a strange look as they continued driving. Deciding the cop would be fine with him continuing, he cleared his throat and started again. “Hey guys so I’ve..JESUS!”, he yelled as a hard right threw him into the door.

“Seems quiet enough here.” The cop muttered

“What was that about?! Um..sir why are we here…dude put your gun away! C’mon tell me what’s happening, you’re freaking me out. Wait, why is your fa…oh…” A single tear dropped as a single silenced bark of gun was the last thing the poor kid heard in that alley way.

“This, your honor, is where the tape ends.”

The jury walked back into the courtroom, to the clock ticking faintly in the background, each tick bringing closer a final decision. The judge turned to the former cult leader, “Mr. Mirg, you have been convicted of over fifteen cases of first degree murder, along with several cold cases from past years in the same area. Recent charges are for the murder of the three family members of the child in the tape, found downriver, with extreme skull and face mutilations. Finally, the murder of said child in the tape. Your sentence is  with no chance of parole. The jury has found you guilty of all charges, do you have any final words?”

With eyes tearing up from the loss, his only final words were “Wolves, like me are very few, but sheep are many.” A faint smile formed across his tortured face.

Months and years passed by and the story died down. A few remembered what happened but, not many. The families coped with the horrific losses of not only the college kids, but the many cold cases now opening back up. The tape was uploaded and the end part of the survivors story along with it. The raid on the house led police to many of the missing bodies. Some were still cold and would likely stay that way, many bodies were so mutilated that nothing could be scavenged. Many years later, out in Wyoming State Penitentiary, bodies were being found mutilated. At first it was rare and it was known to happen from time to time anyways due to internal fighting or gang related fights. Then it began to happen more often, and prisoners were still walking but, also mutilated.

They grew suspicious and tried to get informants on the former leader but, no one would betray him, he was praised by the prisoners as a god. Things grew violent, things disappeared and surveillance grew. He was watched every single moment of the day but, he never did anything, he did what he was told at all times. Things continued to get worse, it was reaching a point of no return, a melting point. The security began beating up prisoners anytime something happened, but this only accelerated the inevitable. They knew one thing would stop them, cutting off the head of a snake. They planted things in Mirg’s cell, brought up false charges, anything that would lead to death row. Finally they caught their break, placing him on the several dead inmates. An informant finally came through. The deal? He’d get to see his daughter’s wedding, something no father would pass up. He told them the plans and the date for execution. Three days. They fulfilled their end of the deal and moved in for Mirg.

Mirg sat on his bed waiting, he heard the yelling and knew what was coming. As he sat there a large prisoner, resembling a lumberjack except for having a bald head. “Are you ready John?” With his one good eye he stared at the man, smiled and grunted. He snapped his head back down the hall and marched towards the yelling. Screams ensued.

  • Chelsie Tompkins

    I loved this story! The characters were believable. There was just enough gore to keep you sucked in but it was not over done. I read all three parts. I can’t wait to read more by you.

    • Friendly Neighborhood Writer M

      Thanks so much for reading and the love. I just really enjoy writing, glad I could finally find a site that fits my stories lol. Next story should be coming out in a few weeks, as long as it doesn’t take as long as this did to proofread 🙂

  • Patricia Smith

    Just curious where you are from Kyle. Our family name is also Stiver

  • sunee

    Story was confusing and the parts involving a kid, recording as the cop drove, made little sense to me, even after reading the story several times. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t understand how this story got rated so highly.

    • Friendly Neighborhood Writer M

      I’m sorry to hear you’re confused but, if you haven’t read the other two parts then that would likely be why, if you have then I have nothing for you lol

  • Friendly Neighborhood Writer M

    Thanks for reading and yes you do have a fair point on the cliché of it, if I remember this was my second story I’ve ever written properly, so that’s likely why. On the first part of what you asked it was three things, grammar (really bad), content (lacking some in vital scenes), and context (sometimes heavy handed dialogue and hints to twists). Thanks for the criticism though any and all of it helps out.