The Insanity Flower

It’s always good to go outside and get some fresh air. I usually go for walks in the forest to get away from my family. Everyone except my brother hates me. My parents thought I was a disappointment due to getting bad grades at my school. I feel like they wished I was never born. My brother, on the other hand, was very nice to me. He didn’t care that I couldn’t do my homework, he only cared about me. The only thing he doesn’t like about me is that I go outside a lot. But it didn’t bother him enough to hate me. He stays inside and plays on his gaming computer or gaming console while I adventure in the forest.

But that’s in the past… Due to that vile weed called…

The Insanity Flower.

I decided today, a long walk would be good for me, so I took a different route. I knew the woods well. But I came across some trees I have never seen before. They looked dead. There are usually flowers in this forest. But they’re gone. No animals either. I walked further in. I saw more dead trees, some fallen. Then I saw a dead deer. Its insides were rotting. I almost puked, but I kept going. More dead plants and animals. Then nothing. There were no trees. Just grassy flat land. I saw something. A circle of dead grass. In the middle of it was a red flower. I wanted to turn back, but my curiosity got the better of me. I walked into the circle. I heard strange music coming from the flower. I walked closer. My vision darkened. I walked closer. My breathing worsened. I walked closer. I saw a face on it. It had one eye and a mouth. The music was making me go insane. I collapsed on the ground and passed out.

I woke up. It was nighttime now. Everything hurts and vines were covering me. I was able to escape easily. The flower was gone and the grass grew back. The music was still playing in my head. I started to walk home. When I got home, it was burnt to a crisp. There was rust on the pipes too. It looked very old. Same with all of the rest of the houses. I was confused and scared. I explored the whole town. There was no one here. Then I saw something in one of my neighbor’s windows. It looked like the flower. But it was inverted. I stared at it. I heard thunder behind me. I rushed back to my house. I sat on the charred couch to wait the storm out. I decided to look around the house for food and water that survived whatever happened here. But I found something I regret seeing. It was my brother’s skeleton. He starved to death or something ate his flesh and organs. I started to cry.

“Hey, kid! Don’t cry!” something said behind me. I turned around and saw the flower.

“What did you do!?” I yelled angrily.

“You’re in the future! Welcome to your eternal hell!” it said. I’m stuck here forever. Someone, please…

Help me…