Where Am I? – Part I

I was falling in a black abyss. One second I was playing a game of volleyball in gym, the next I was falling into a black abyss. What happened? But that was a question that I knew wasn’t gonna be answered. Suddenly I hit the ground. Besides the aching pain all over my body from the impact, the ground feels nice. I got up to see where I was.

I was in a forest and I was lying in the grass. How did I get here? But that question wasn’t gonna be answered either. I looked down to apple watch to call 911 cause I didn’t know where I was but it was replaced by a small slim gold watch. Then I see if I was still in my gym clothes, I wasn’t. I was wearing a red dress lace long sleeves and it was frilly and knee length at the bottom. I wasn’t even wearing shoes. How did I get in this? Was just another question that came to mind.

“You’re late,” said a girl.

She was about 4’8 and had blue hair.

“Late for what?” I ask looking confused.

“For the massacre ball why of course,” she said simply walking off at a fast pace. I begin to follow her.

“Don’t you mean masquerade ball?” I ask looking kinda confused.

“No I mean the massacre ball,” she said continuing to walk off.

After a while we appeared at a dome glass building.

“What’s your name?” I ask looking at the short girl that was about 11.

“Desi,” she said entering the dome building. As soon as I walked in, that’s when it hit me it, it was a strong burning smell of iron and metallic. It burned my nose and I felt like throwing up, but I didn’t. Everyone was wearing masks. Maybe Desi thought massacre was masquerade? I thought because it’s possible.

Everyone was dancing like they didn’t notice anything was wrong. It looked like an actual ball but if you notice closely at the statues they had actual human eyes and they were moving, watching, preying on people. A guy in a tuxedo gets on stage. Everyone then stops and looks at him.

“Ahem! Ladies and gentlemen! Now that everyone is here, let’s start the massacre ball!” the guy on stage says. Everyone just then went back to dancing.

He just said the massacre ball like Desi said earlier. I had ran away from Desi to the guy in the tuxedo.

“Hey!” I yelled running towards the guy in the tuxedo. The guy turned my way, he started to walk towards me.

“Hello! Did you want something?” he asked calm and collectively.

“Yes! Um… did you say the massacre ball?” I asked nervously.

“Why yes of course Victoria,” he said walking away. How did he know my name?!?! Like that was so creepy?!?! I look back over to Desi but she wasn’t there. Where did she go? Like the other questions probably won’t be answered. How am I gonna find her? I know no one, I don’t know where I am, and I don’t know my way around here. I started to look around I couldn’t spot a girl 4’8 11 years old and with blue hair named Desi.

I was looking at the spot where me and Desi were at when suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turn around and to my surprise it’s Desi.

“Where were you, and what are you eating?” I ask Desi looking at her.

“I was hungry so I went to get fried fingers,” she said simply.

“Wait! Human fingers?” I ask kinda wanting to judge cause that once belonged to someone.

“Yes, would you like some?” Desi asked, this just made me want to throw up more.

“No thank you,” I simply said while smiling to hide my horror.

“Okay,” she said simply walking off. I wanted to follow but I couldn’t see here anymore she moves to fast. I was walking towards someone that looked lonely when some lady’s heel stepped on my toe. I immediately lifted my foot up and started saying.

“Ow! Ow! That really does hurt,” I balanced on one foot while this happened.

Suddenly the lady turned around and she looked furious. What did I do now? I thought to myself. She pulled a knife out of her bra.

“Were you looking where you were going?” she asked in a monotone voice but looked really pissed.

“Yes I was ma’am,” I said emphasizing the ma’am part.

“Sassing people like that will get you killed here,” she said regaining her composure.

“Now I will let you off the hook,” she said putting the knife back in here bra.

“You’ll let me off the hook! You’ll let me off the hook! You stomp on my foot with your high heels, point a knife at me and you let me off the hook. No!” I scream and stomp off towards Desi. Then a knife flew right past my head hitting another person in there’s. I gasp in horror and still turn around and flip her off.

Soon after about 20-30 minutes the same guy wearing the tuxedo walks on the stage.

“Ahem! Ladies and gentleman! The massacre has started 3 deaths 657 more to go!” the guy in the tuxedo said walking off the stage shortly after. I started to walk towards the same guy in the tuxedo.

“Hey!” I yelled walking toward him.

“Hello Victoria! Would you like something?” he asked standing in front of me.

“Yes! What is your name?” I ask him.

“I don’t have a name, but most people call me tuxedo guy,” he says simply.

“Why don’t you have a name?” I ask.

“I don’t know I guess I was never given one,” he says tilting his head.

“Well you look like a Liam,” I said smiling.

“Well you can call me Liam,” he said smiling then walked away.

There was a somewhat good song on so I started swaying my hips to the beat. Suddenly some tapped me on the shoulder. I spin around to see a guy wearing a dark blue suit and a black and grey colombina mask.

“Um… Would you like something sir?” I ask looking at him, he had green eyes and black hair.

“Yes, would you like to dance with me?” he asked, putting his hand out.

“No thank you.” I said politely walking away.