The Hybreeder Experiment – Part: 1

In the year 2035 the Government made creatures that would fight in wars as well as other deadly functions. These creatures were made out of different predators as well as metals and mechanical parts the Government installed. By the year 2045 these creatures had turned against humanity and started killing humans of all kinds. These creatures are extremely hard to kill because of their speed, smarts, and deadly instincts.

The worlds population had gone down by 55 percent and was decreasing quickly. The Government had made up a underground facility dedicated to creating new creatures that would kill the old ones. The scientist could split any genes they saw fit and mix them with any human that signed their life for the cause. This started the Hybreeder experiment.

-Aug 23, 2047 – 9:15 am

Dr. Hyzerk,

The experiment has begun and the other scientists are very excited, I can’t say the same for myself. I have chosen to mix the genes of a goat, spider, wolf and human for my experiment. The idea is to have the ramming power of a goats head, the venom of a spider, and the raw power of a wolf with shredding teeth. I will do another data entry if anything changes but the other scientists are already doubting me.

-Aug 30, 2047 – 10:23 am

Dr. Hyzerk

The subject has already been born and has opened his eyes. I did not expect for this to happen so soon but the subject was born with a very low heart beat and is still extremely weak. The subject has cross like eyes and from what I can test can almost see all the way around him, I’m still not sure how. The other scientists have taken the risk of mixing different types of predators that can create a very aggressive subject.

-September 11, 2047 – 7:00 pm

Dr. Hyzerk

The subject has grown extremely fast and has mental capabilities I could only dream of. Almost all the other scientists subjects have begun growing as well. I am still surprised that all of our subjects have birthed so quickly. The subject was with another subject today that had the genes of a gorilla and a tiger mixed, My subject kept staring the other in the eyes till the other finally fainted and started having a seizure.

-September 28, 2047 – 5:01 pm

Dr. Hyzerk

The subject has begun to taunt the other surrounding subjects in their glass cages. My subject will sit completely still and stare at another subject till they feel uneasy then continue to slowly open his mouth and with a swift bite will break the bones of another subject. As a reminder these subjects are all about twelve feet away from each other and I am worried on how exactly my subject is doing this.  The subject has started to stand up right and sway back and forth when the other scientists are looking at him, he’s never done this to me.

– October 12, 2047 – 3:45 pm

Dr. Hyzerk

The subject has killed another subject today. The subject was in a glass room with another and was threatened to fight. My subject stopped the other from running up to him with his mind and crushed his bones very slowly. My subject held up the dead subject and presented it to each cage looking at the other subjects. The other subjects starting to make wild animal noises when my subject did this, he must have been showing some sort of threat.

  • Puddin Tane

    Dr. Hyzerk’s “subject” needs a name so the reader can tell that one from the others. It would help.

  • Reyes

    Can I talk it is mixed with a hueman

  • Jacqueline Williams

    Wait, where’s the rest. ?!….So far so good thou.