The Halloween Murder Spree

I Awoke in a haunting.. Cold room.. It sent shivers down my spine.. I was chained up against a wall.. These cold, sharp, chains felt heavy on my weak wrists. Many things ran through my mind at that moment.. Where was i? How did i get here and WHO brought me here. I panicked and almost had an anxiety attack.  I tried to calm myself down and it worked.. I tried to remember what happened to me and pick up the pieces, But i had a hard time because I had a sharp headache and felt like complete s**t.. Like when you get hungover for your first time. I remembered tonight was halloween.. There would be trick or treaters so i tried yelling my lungs out.. My words pierced the air strugglily. My lungs felt like boulders in my chest.. The air was heavy. I eventually found out i was trapped in a basement or a dungeon of some kind But with no windows. The area was huge and old and dirty.. There were supports made out of hard wood. I noticed a pile of old boxes.. I could breathe the dust from here.. It smelled of rotted flesh. It smelled like it was here a while.. I tried my best not to freak the f**k out. About a few feet away were stairs that led upstairs. I tried to struggle again to get these f*****g chains off of me. They were on my wrists for so f*****g long that it was piercing my skin.. They were covered with rust. The more i struggled the more i bled.. But i stopped struggling when a masked man with a burlap sack with deathly eyes, And a slit mouth.. He sort of looked like the killer from nightbreed. That one movie with these stupid creatures.. I hated that movie.. He came down the stairs and i heard each and every step as he walked towards me. He was wearing a buisness suit. Stained with nose killing blood. He sort of just stared at me and i started confronting him, Asking him questions that he didn’t answer.. I was yelling like a madman. Begging him to let me go, I finally gave up and he calmly said his name was Mr. Chills.. He had a low, Soft, Charming voice. He then said he felt pitiful for me.. His words made my chest feel faint and heavy.. I almost felt.. Safe. He then turned his camera on. I heard a click and he said “We’re live” And he got closer and stabbed a empty syringe in me.. In my neck.. And another and another. Each one feeling like a gunshot wound. He then took a filled one. And drugged me once more. I was knocked out cold.. I had a flashback while i was asleep. I remembered The last thing i could before i woke up. I drove to a bar because my girlfriend dumped my sorry a*s. I was an alcoholic. A beautiful, Nice, Soft Spoken girl with brown and blondish hair and with warm brown eyes appealed to me in that bar. She shot me winks every time we made eye contact. I had a few drinks when she came over to me. She already orded a drink for me. By this time only me, her and the bartender were in the bar, And me and her talked for a bit and i started to drink whatever she bought me.. I felt sleepy and i soon was knocked out cold after following her out to her car and falling asleep in the passenger seat. I woke up at that time. I understood what happened and i was f*****g drugged. But that was the last of my worries because my arms ached and felt heavier then they did before i was drugged by this scary prick. I picked my head up and noticed he had slit one of my wrists and i noticed i was leaking blood through a 4 by 4 and bandages. This was only the beginning of my torture

  • Marissa Doolin

    I wanna know what happens next! Do you find out who he is or why he gets sick pleasure from tormenting you? How are the woman at the bar and the crazy masked man connected? I’m very interested in how this all pans out.