The Growling Shadowman

I have posted a few stories about my satanic neighbors, this is about my parents vacation house in Kingston, Jamaica.

My name is Jupiter, yes like the planet. My husband is Aaron. When we got married, my parents bought us plane tickets and allowed us to stay for free in their house there. We were so happy. We bought good herb from my cousin, had a chef whip us up some oxtail, curry goat, rice and peas, plantain and rum punch.

The first night was wonderful, we enjoyed the breeze, the atmosphere and each other. I had a scary dream though. I was in the yard picking flowers when I was rushed by a force and something tried to rip me to shreds. I woke up in tears. Aaron had to console me and we stayed up the rest of the night.

The next day, we spent time swimming in the clear waters, drinking rum, eating fish and enjoying newly married life. That night, Aaron and I sat on the back patio enjoying the island air. Aaron like me, is also sensitive to the spiritual world. We both felt something strange all of a sudden.

The air went still, the smell of rotting flesh and death permeated the air. I saw a big black shadow hovering around the property. I look at Aaron, he signals for us to go inside. We do. I look in the linen closet and find a spirit box.

A spirit box in my family contains, holy oil, holy water, brick dust, incense, goofer dust, crosses, crystals and sage. We go outside and burn sage around the perimeter and line it with holy oil.

When we get to the property line on the west, the bush starts rattling. I s**t you not, a lady crawls out on all fours, eyes glazed over. She was growling. Not like an animal. But like something out of a horror movie. Her teeth and nails were sharp, she smelled putrid. Her hair was matted and she was basically naked and covered in rags and sand. I threw holy oil on her.

She jumped back but that didn’t deter her. Then a voodoo man appeared out of nowhere. He was covered in traditional paint and markings. Aaron stood in front of me. The voodoo man bopped the woman with his long wooden stick and spoke patois to her.

She sat quietly in the stand. She still stared at me. Her eyes were glazed over, pupils almost milky. It was unnerving. Whatever he had said to her calmed her down. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The voodoo man smiled at us and stepped closer. His eyes were red, I am almost sure they weren’t contacts. He smiled “Apologies mi youth. Mi a practice mi art. Di dupee get away, mi came fi fetch she. Beware di night. Dupee fi run free. Very powerful craft afoot.” The voodoo man says.

He basically said he has spirits possessing this woman, but there’s something evil in the area. I translate to Aaron and we continue to put up a barrier around the property. I call my mom and she tells me about a woman not far from the house. She practices powerful witchcraft and black magic. There is old family beef from way back when. I told her about the voodoo man, she said he lives next to the house and is actually family and will help protect us.

Later that night, Aaron and I were scared shitless. We sat on the patio. We kept seeing that big shadow, hearing growls and smelling death. All we wanted to do was sleep, but we wanted to stand guard.

At 3:00 am a tall shadow figure, almost as tall as the house ran from the ocean straight for us. It was darker than the night. Its eyes were red as fire. It was solid like you or I. I grabbed Aaron and we cowered on the porch. It was howling and growling. It could not reach us. It was blocked by something unforseen. It howled, screeched and growled. It was banging on the invisible barrier between us and it. The ground was even rumbling.

Being sensitive to the paranormal, I have seen so many disturbing things in my life. This was scary. When I spoke to my mother earlier, she said the witch hated our family. She hated that we owned the land, hated our wealth, hated that her husband left her for my aunt.

This woman had enough power to send some god forsaken creature to the house to try to hurt us. We tried to take pictures and video. It was not visible on screen. The voodoo man came back and he sprinkled some mixture around the property. The shadow creature ran back to the ocean.

The voodoo man gave Aaron and I blessed prayer beads. We offered him rum, food and herb. He was family and had helped us, I honestly can’t believe that happened to us. The next morning we packed up and caught the next flight back to the US. The trip was definitely memorable. I still have flashbacks.

The supernatural is nothing to play with. Stay woke folks.

  • Bonnie Manz

    It was a good story but it needs to be edited.

  • Puddin Tane