The Blue Rose

Luke lived with his mother and father, and his two older sisters and had a baby brother on the way. He and his sisters helped their parents in the family’s flower shop. His older sister Rose is quite good at flower arrangement, his other older sister Mary can make delicious tea from edible flowers both the flower arrangements and tea sell well same with the flowers the family grows.

His mother works in the little shop helping with customers when they can’t decide what to buy for their sweetheart or for a family member, his mother and sisters were kind to everyone that came into the store. His father would work in the garden and the greenhouse when Luke was little his father would let him sit on the tables to watch him work. Luke loved it when he learned about a new flower.

“That’s an Anemone. There are about 200 species of them, isn’t that neat? Take a look son!” His father smiled, Luke liked all the flowers, his favorite was tulips.

Luke would help his father, but when the job was too harsh, he would go help his mother and sisters. He thought it was tedious work, but with his mother being pregnant she couldn’t pick up or move heavy objects, or she couldn’t reach high places.

Luke even had to help her pick something up from the floor he joked saying his baby brother was already a troublemaker. The family had hired a few men to help their father on the larger projects, like plowing a new field for new flowers to grow next year.

Luke’s father told him when he was sixteen he could help them then. He just turned thirteen in September. He still has a while before he can help his father with the harder jobs.

After another long day, the family sat down at the table, but unlike tonight Luke’s parents looked excited. Luke looked at his two sisters who just shrugged, the last time their mother and father looked this happy was when they announced that their mother was pregnant. “Are you going to make us guess?” Mary asked as she puts her hands on her lap.

“Blue.” Was all her father said Luke didn’t know what that meant, but his sisters did they got just excited Luke had a more confused look. His mother got up with a small wobble she put a hand on her husband’s shoulder. “Love, I think it’s time you show Luke who Blue is.” She said with a honey sweet tone. Luke looked at his father who had a broad smile.

“Son, before I show you Blue, you must promise me not to show or tell anyone about her! Understand?” His father said as they walk towards the greenhouse. Luke said yes sir. His father unlocked the door, going inside Luke followed him down the row of colorful flowers that felt like they were watching them. There’s an oak door at the end of the greenhouse Luke’s father told him it was his office and that Luke wasn’t allowed in there because he had chemicals and other toxic stuff that was safe for plants but not for children. Before going inside his father looked around, he picked up a flower pot that Mary made him, under it was a gold key. He picked it up and unlocked the office’s door.

The room was dark, Luke’s eyes were having a hard time trying to adjust but behind the desk, something shined a light blue when Luke could get a better look he gasped. A bright blue rose shined under a small light. Water was dripping down its beautiful petals. Its leaves were full and green.

“Luke, this is Blue. It took my father and his father all their lives to grow a pure blue rose, it almost took me but I got lucky, and this beauty blossomed.” Luke couldn’t look away. The rose was stunning. “Real blue roses are hard to come by, the ones you see are just white roses drinking dyed water. With Blue, I can take her seeds and start to grow more like her. We’ll make enough money to help our business and help when you kids go off to the college, and with your brother on the way, we don’t have a whole lot. But with Blue, that’s not a problem anymore!”

Luke lightly touches one of the petals that felt like silk. “Sadly, with trying to get everything ready for winter, I’m worried that I won’t have time to watch her and-” Luke cut his father off he looked at him with a wide smile. “I’LL DO IT! I’ll water her, give her the nutrients she needs, talk to her, and, and.” Luke’s father puts his hand on Luke’s head with a smile trying to calm his excited son.

“This is going to be a big job, you sure you can handle it?” He asked Luke nodded still smiling. “Okay, but I’m putting my trust in you if Blue starts to show any signs of wilting, come tell me right away.” Luke nodded again then said yes sir!

Every morning before the sun was even up Luke would be in the greenhouse, like his father Luke would look around before unlocking the door. “Good morning Blue!” He would always call, as he would water and feed the rose, he would talk.

Random stories about school, friends, family, and how he can’t wait for his brother to be born. “Be nice to even the field. Let me tell you Blue, two men in a house living with three women isn’t fun! I think dad is looking forward to it too, he always wanted to do the fishing tournament during the Spring Festival it’s a three men team, but he’ll have to wait till my baby brother is big enough to hold a rod.” Luke talked on and on until it was time for breakfast.

One night Luke was going in to click on Blue after dinner but stopped at the door of the greenhouse. One of the men that work for their family was looking around the door muttering to himself. “What are you doing?” Luke asked as he came in more the man jumped and looked at the boy.

“I-I lost my key. I think it fell around here somewhere. What are you doing in here? Thought your old man didn’t like you being in here because of the chemicals?” Luke swallowed, ‘keep Blue a secret.’ He reminds himself. “My father said it was okay since I’m getting older, but you and the others aren’t allowed in here.” The air in the greenhouse shifted the man balled his hands and forced a smile.

“Your old man asked me to come in to grab something for him, but like I said I dropped the key to his office, can you help me find it?” Luke backed away from the man knowing he was lying. “I have to go speak with my father first.” He turned but before he could leave he was knocked unconscious by another man that was waiting behind him.

The sounds of Luke’s sisters’ and mother’s muffled cries woke him, he looked up and started to tremble with fear the two men in the greenhouse, and two other men were beating his father. “Where is it!” The man that was trying to find the key yelled and held his father’s head up, his father spit in his face the man punched him. On the floor, the three other men started to kick him.

“That’s enough,” the three stopped, “if you won’t tell me? Fine, I’ll make you tell me.” The man walked away then stood behind Rose as she started to wheeze behind the rag that covered her mouth pulling her head up the man held a knife to her throat. “Tell me where it is, or she dies.” The man grinned Rose started to scream and cry. “NO! DON’T” My father screamed, but the man pulled the knife over her throat the room became laughter from the men and sobs from Luke’s family and from himself as Rose’s body fell to the ground. The man now stood behind Mary.

“Tell me or bye bye little girl.” The man was enjoying himself as the three other men held Luke’s father up to watch. His mother couldn’t look as she cried, Luke’s body was cold, hot tears flow down his face as he looked at Rose’s gray eyes that were now dim. When his father didn’t answer fast enough, Mary met the same fate as her sister. “YOU SON OF A BITC-” Luke’s father tried to scream, but the one man kicked him.

It was now his wife’s turn when the man pulled her head up. She was looking at her husband as she cried the man held the bloody knife to her neck. “Where. Is. The. Rose?” He asked slowly. Luke felt a sharp pain in his stomach, Blue… They were looking for Blue! Luke started to yell ‘wait!’ from under the rag.

The man with the knife looked at him then nodded at one of the others who walked over taking the rag off Luke’s mouth. “The blue rose? You’re looking for it?” He asked panting in between words the man with the knife lowered it from his mother’s shaking neck. “I’ll take you to it!” Luke yelled.

Two men stayed behind, as the two other push Luke to the greenhouse. “You better now be f*****g with me boy, or so help me.” The man snapped Luke swallowed hard once inside the flowers were dying, the greenhouse felt like a graveyard as they walk down the eerie quiet rows. Luke looked at the pot that had the key under it. Rose was gone, Mary was gone he’ll never see them again but if he give the men what they want his parents and his unborn brother, and he can all go free.

As he unlocked the door, the wind started to blow into the greenhouse which sounded like whispers. The blue rose sat on the desk like she was waiting for them the man with the knife pushed past Luke and the other man kept a hold of him smiled. The man started to look at the rose. “Yes! All this time I have been trying to find it!” He picked the pot up still amazed by it, from the house and shop there came two gunshots Luke’s body fell onto the floor as he started to scream the man turned with an evil smile. “Kill the boy!” He ordered.

As the man was about to leave the greenhouse the wind started to pick up, the dead flowers began to moan and groan. “My, my, you have really done it this time.” A woman’s voice spoke from nowhere then she started to giggle. The man looked at the pot his was holding, he screamed and dropped it.

Luke yelled no! “I’m fine, dear.” The voice was coming from Blue as the rose petals started to spin with a bright light coming from it the men and Luke turned away as it flashed. “Didn’t your mothers ever tell you not to mess with someone that made a deal with a demon?” The woman asked the men looked, and Luke’s eyes widen.

The woman smiled with blue lips. Her skin was a pale blue color. Her bright icy blue eyes shined the pupils looked snake-like. Her dark blue hair was long that was done up into two braided ponytails, on top of her head were two ram horns that were dark green with tiny red thorns on them. Her poofy dress that stopped at her knees was the same blue as her lips a ribbon that was going around her waist was green that’s tied into a bow on her back. Her socks went all the way up her legs were the same color as the ribbon but with dark green leaves on them with dark green high-heels to match.

The two men backed away as she took a step towards them still with that cold smile. She sighed looking down at the dying flowers putting a hand on one. “They know their master is dead, so they weep… The poor things.” She took her hand away the man with the knife held it up. “Who the hell are you?!” He asked the woman looked at him.

“I have many names, but right now my name is Blue.” She bowed, “Lady Blue. Would say it’s a pleasure to met you gentlemen but its very rude of you two to plan on taking my client son’s life!” Blue grinned as she held out her arms to her sides her fingernails became long red thorns. “I would love to see you try!” She laughed as the dying flowers sounded like they were hissing. “Kill the b***h!” The man yelled Blue kept laughing as the two men ran towards her Luke closed his eyes, he heard their screams and the sounds something wet being ripped apart.

“Luke, it’s okay now,” Blue spoke lightly with the same honey sweet tone like his mother had. Luke opened his eyes. Blue was kneeling in front of him, she didn’t have any blood on her but there was blood all over the greenhouse, the dying flowers were now colorful and bright again.

“I thought if… if I told them…” Luke started Blue sighed and held the boy he wrapped his arms around her crying. “Hush now, you were brave to try. But we still have unfinished business.” Blue helped Luke up as they left the greenhouse the flowers cried out. Blue handed him the knife that belonged to the man who was responsible for his family’s death, he held it tightly.

“Where the hell are they? This place is starting to smell!” The one man grumbled as he kicked the father’s dead body. “Stop your bitching. I hear them coming now.” The other snapped back. The sounds of footsteps came to a stop outside the shop’s door, it slowly opened, but no one stepped in, it was only darkness. “Did you find the plant?” The one man asked still no sounds until Blue started to giggle. “Hold that knife tight Luke, don’t want them to get away,” She spoke.

Luke looked at the four holes that his family lie in. The sun started to rise as Luke’s cheeks were still wet from both tears and blood. “Rose, I tried my best to make flower arrangements they’re not as good as yours, but I did my best.” Luke smiled a little, “and Mary, I put your’s and everyone else’s favorite tea in for you all to enjoy, mom I put the toys you made for our baby brother with you, sorry that he didn’t get to play with them..” Luke started to sniffle, “and dad I just want to say… I’m sorry… I thought-”

Blue puts a hand on his back as he started to cry. “He knows your sorry dear. Come now, we need to go.” Luke looked at her then nodded slowly he put his arm out. Blue grabbed it lightly the same bright light shined. Luke looked away when he looked back to his arm. A rose’s steam was twisted around his arm. The thorns dug into his skin, but it didn’t hurt nor bled, the rose was on top of his hand shining that bright blue color.

“What do you mean, he made a deal with a demon?” Luke asked looking at the rose. He went to the greenhouse to take care of Blue after lunch like always. She was more talkative than usual.

“Your father was going to give up on trying to grow a pure blue rose, but he didn’t want to fail his family. So, he called upon a demon to aid him. That is why I am here Luke.” Blue spoke.

“Aren’t demons evil?” Luke asked Blue started to laugh lightly.

“Yes, we’re evil, but if we take a liking to someone, we keep them safe,” Blue said.

“My dad is married you know,” Luke said rolling his eyes as he sat down in the office’s chair Blue started to laugh again.

“No Luke! Your father called for my help, yes, and he is kind, but I have taken a liking to you. So, I’m telling you if anything bad happens, come to the greenhouse. I’ll keep you safe.” Blue said.

“Nothing bad is going to happen! But thank you!” Luke smiled, but the rose signed.

“Bad things always happen, my dear.” Blue hummed Luke looked at the rose he was going to ask her what does she mean.

“Luke, I need your help please!” Luke’s mother called from the shop.

“See you after dinner Blue,” Luke called as he left the office and closed the door Blue signed once more.

“Greed is an ugly thing.” She spoke to no one, “so many deaths will happen tonight all because of greed… This is going to be interesting!”


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