Entry #4

The next day from last night was still the same, I went to Guagua’s Plaza to Palengke in the afternoon to meet up with the killer’s sister to have more information about him.

Palengke was dirty and dusty and the buildings there weren’t well constructed and painted but ruined, and there was an abandoned public market there and tried to ask about a gangster with pink hair to the local people there but they told me to stay away from that girl but I insisted to ask to acknowledge where she is. They told me to find her at a specific location inside the abandoned public market which was her territory.

I proceeded to go there alone and saw the pink headed girl with messy hair smoking opium while drinking alcohol early in the afternoon. Her gang members were there too smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. I politely asked if she is the killer’s sister. And she replied if I meant Patchwork, the white hooded parka jacket boy with a stitched up smile across his face. And I said yes. She asked me why I wanted to know, I told her I was being stalked and been attempted to get killed many times by Patchwork. She told me to listen, she said that Patchy has been like this since after a girl named Angel he fell in love with was broken up with him. I asked what happened. She takes a long drag of her pipe then exhales the smoke. She said that Patchy became madly obsessed and overly attached to the girl since freshman High School because he was lonely and bullied, no one ever liked him, and at least… someone does which was Angel. Then after they finally got into a relationship for a while, their mutual friend told lies to Angel about Patchwork that are not true causing Angel to be angry and broken up with Patchwork, the purpose was because the guy which their mutual friend was a man and was in love with Patchwork, that is why he did that.

Furthermore, Patchwork wanted revenge, killing the guy mercilessly while he laughs. At least that is what he told her sister.

The reason for the stitched up smile was because of wanted to smile from depression but he couldn’t so he forced himself, out of insanity, to carve a smile on his face then passed out of blood lost. He was sent to the hospital afterwards. Then he woke up his face was stitched up. After that he was hospitalized in the asylum which made his twisted mind even worse. He escaped the asylum. End of story

I asked her what’s his name, and she honestly doesn’t even remember anymore. But then I asked her what hospital he was in before so I could know his name. All she remembers is from Mabalacat.

I said thanks and went home as she says, “Don’t mention it, I wanted that little f****r dead anyways.”