The Fear Diaries: Prelude and Story#1

The Fear Diaries:


In life, we human beings tend to experience same emotions and similar situations. We use those feelings and memories as a way to relate to each other and communicate. Being able to find other people who go through the same things help reassure that it’s completely normal and that we aren’t crazy or alone. Humans thrive off of human interaction, we need it and survive off of it. That being said the collection of short stories in The Fear Diaries all can be related to because we all have felt that core primal basic fear each main character experiences. Now I know everyone has their own individual fears, but these stories contain natural raw fears that like I stated previously, everyone can relate to. So with that said, here we go:

The Fear Diaries: Story #1 Fear Of The Dark

The young boy was at that age between 7 and 8, where he was to old to crawl into his parents bed in the middle of night but still young enough to need a night light when its bedtime. He was growing into a “Big Boy” and big boys don’t crawl in bed with Mommy, Big Boys are brave.

His Mom had come and tucked him into bed, said goodnight, and turned on his night light. His night light would make little glowing sail boats dance along his bedroom walls. As he laid in bed and thought of things boys his age think about; video games, bicycles, dump trucks and the scariest monsters. He tried his best to stay focused on thoughts of video game levels and bicycle tricks but something was moving in the corner of his bedroom. He barely saw it out of the corner of his eye and all he can think it is, is a monster. Feeling uneasy he raised the covers above his head, cause everyone knows monsters can’t get you if you’re all the way under the covers, or is it because the monster can’t find you that way? Either way he was hiding under his covers and hears large feet shuffling from his closet.

Deep under the covers the boy is too scared to move until curiosity got to him and he starts to peek from under the blanket. He makes the smallest little opening, just enough to see out of.

Now the shadow moves across the floor, the boy tells from shock and fear. But he remembers Big Boys are brave, so he hesitantly pulls the covers down. Trying to reassure and talk himself into being brave despite how terrified he is.

That’s when in the darkest corner of his room he sees a large black mass barely moving as if it was breathing. Holding his breath the boy contemplates running to his parents room. But Daddy said if he wanted the new video game he has to sleep in his own room from now on.

Taking a deep breath he squeezes his eyes shut when suddenly his night light crashes to the floor and the room becomes pitch black. The boy is too frightened to leave his bed to turn on the bedroom’s light switch.

Out of no where he hears a deep low growl and feels slimy stinky drool drop on to his forehead. It was similar to snot or mucus. The boy’s eyes slowly rise up to the ceiling.

There on the ceiling a huge black mass growls again. That when the boy notices its glowing yellow eyes like that of a cat, and it layers and layers of razor sharp teeth that spread into a smile. Just as the boy is about to scream the creature drops from the ceiling on to the bed.

~~The Next Morning~~

The boy’s mother had woken up early like she always does to brew a pot of coffee, get started on breakfast, and pack her sons lunch. She starts her pot of coffee and goes to the bathroom to pee. I’m her way back to the kitchen she peeks her head into her sons room to check on him like she does every morning.

But instead of her sleeping son she find a horrific scene. There’s a pool of blood in his bed and on the floor underneath his bed. There’s a mushy pile of intestines, brain matter, teeth, clumps of hair in the bed. His pajamas were shredded like ribbons from one end of the room to the other. She screamed and dropped to her knees. Under the bed she sees glowing yellow eyes and before its to late she hears a deep voice from the eyes and it said “Scared little boys make great appetizers.”

After the eyes and razor teeth eat the mother it says, “And Mommy’s make a great main course.”

The Fear Diaries Story #2 Footsteps will be posted shortly. (A personal favorite I wrote) Till next time, be very afraid of the dark!

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