Authors note: this is my first CreepyPasta I’m actually publishing so I would appreciate some constructive criticism

Before I start, I don’t expect you to understand my… Addiction so keep the snobby comments to yourself.

It was late, I haven’t had blow in a few weeks and I was itching for more. My local dealer just got busted and I don’t trust anyone else In this area. It’s also too bad to go anywhere around here, so much murder, thieft, prostitution you name it. I was talking to a friend of mine, who is perfectly fine with my addiction to cocaine, they say I should try the deep web. “The deep web? What’s that?” I said confused “it’s like the part of the internet the government doesn’t want you to see” he goes on to explain how to get there and stuff.
He also tells me about the site with a lot of traffic called “The Silk Road”. I was scared and sceptical at first, a site on the internet that sells you drugs? B******t. But later that night I found myself on my laptop with Tor open and my finger typing “hidden wiki”. I move my mouse to a section called “Drugs” yup just there plainly “Drugs” I click it and the first name on there… You guessed it “Silk Road” I click it and it takes a while to load but eventually does. I see endless rows of drugs from: weed to LSD to cocaine to acid, Everything. I go to the cocaine and hover over the option for 1 pound “f**k it” I say, I add it to my cart and go to check out. This part makes me question the authenticity of this site, they made me sign up. Really? On a drug site?

Sorry I thought I heard something, anyway. I tried to sign up with a bull s**t email but I was prompted with “please use a valid email address” f**k. I had no other option, I used my email and it said “thank you. Welcome to silk road”
Everything was smooth and my blow arrived to my house in a few days and I was relieved. I told my friend thanks for the idea and he looked at me shocked “you really bought it off the DW?”
“Yeah why not?”I asked
“You never buy anything from the DW dude! You didn’t use your real address did you?”
“… Yeah…”
“Dude no f*****g way people get kidnapped for doing s**t like that!”
“You’re lying right? This is a joke?”
“No dude… S**t”
There was a long silence before I said “maybe it’s just a myth” he was silent and nodded with the idea. We broke apart and I went home. I did a quick line and checked my email and I get a email from a [email protected]. the email read “Hello friend, how do you like the shipment?”
Who the hell is this and what the hell is a Sigaint.onion?
I replied “who is this? How do know my email?”
There was a pause but probably the quickest email reply I ever had
“Well you signed up on my website, Silk Road. Just wanted to know how you like my supplement”
I replied “…. It’s good stuff…”
“Good, see you soon Mike” the email read
“What the f**k? See you soon? And how do you know my name is Mike?” Was what Chad said

Was what Chad said true? For a few days I was on edge but after a few days with no email from the guy or even suspicious activity around my area it seemed to be fine. After a few days my friend Chad was gone for a while, don’t know where he could have gone but I’m sure he will be back soon… Or so I thought.

I got a package at the door A few days ago, I didnt know from who or where. But what I do know is, It was a bag of free cocaine so me being me I just sat down a did a few lines. Yes a few not one. Because something was really different. This was not regular cocaine. I didn’t get a strong high. It also didn’t feel the same. I feel like I shouldn’t have done it. I feel like it was laced. With some type of xenex or something. The texture was a bit dence and shortly after my nose started to bleed. About 3 hours later the same email address appeared. “Hey Friend, so how did you like my new supply I sent? Since you were so gracious to reply to my email I thought I’d send you another shipment on the house :)”
I was pissed I feel like I shouldn’t have replied in the first place but I did and I’m doing so again “what did you put in this s**t? Did you lace me? What was it? Poison? what?”
He replied faster than last time almost as if he knew what I was typing. it said “I put no poison in it only baking soda. Water, suger, bone marrow, teeth, skin 🙂 nice ingredients for a nice guy Mike”
Bone marrow? Skin? What the f**k? I almost puked.
“What the f**k, are you crazy? What hell, why the hell? You’re crazy and I’m calling the cops” as I said that I heard footsteps on my porch and at the same time I get an email that says “i would rethink that of I were you I looked up your address friend you live pretty close to me 🙂 we should meet up 🙂 maybe…Now?” As i read that email I heard my doorbell ring. I freaked out and jumped out my back window and ran into my neighbors yard. I had my phone with me and I get emails there too. a few minutes later I get a email that says “subject” it was a picture from the same email. I was horrified it was Chad. Dead… His neck sliced and his stomach cut open with his intestines hanging out. Another picture comes with his arm cut off and another one with his amputated arm being put into a grinder and grinded down to dead skin and merrow I puked all over the grass. Again I get another email “he said it’s your fault. He blamed you Mike. As you may have guessed by now you sniffed up your friend here. Did he feel good? He did to me. And so will you.”
I ran more and more until I got to a hotel and stayed there for a week. my bank account is empty… I have no choice but to go home….. Why did I move so far from family…
I get home and my house is untouched… No signs of force entering and no emails… I just got home today and I’m still doing blow. Even now but the good one… Im always hearing things…. I have this message set up to send it as soon as i press a Certain key. Please if you read this be car

…..Be careful before you buy anything from the deep web better yet don’t… Oh god…. He’s here…. IF YOURE READING THIS MY NAME IS MIKE M

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    Mike M… Mike Myers?


    It was pretty good, keep it up man

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    You want some constructive criticism? Quit writing your horrible at it, some garbage right here man.

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        Can you do better?!

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      You’re nothing but a hateful idiot. And what a Stupid user name!! Pig.



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    Not to bad man, you should try to lengthen it slightly in the aspects of the saspense department, the ending could use a bit of a touch up also I feel, but that’s just me. Beyond that for your first one that’s pretty good. 🙂

  • Blueboma Beats

    Stop giving out info about the deep web

  • BrokenWalker

    Coming from an experienced author, this was not bad. Like often, make sure to work on spelling and punctuation. Also, try to come up an original idea. The Deep Web is an interesting concept, but it’s mostly been milked dry. Keep working at it!

  • MegaCatDragon

    Story was good, just watch your grammar.

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    I love this story so far!