The Empty Song

Deep in the water where shadows crawl….A siren lurks singing a twisted song….

-Why do you hide inside your walls, when there is music in my halls……All I see is an empty room, No more joy an empty tune……It’s so good to sing all day, To dance to spin to fly away…….Is someone there? Is it time for the show?! Is someone there? Creeping through my room? Up on my ledge, which feels more like a tomb? ………No perhaps not……..-

She Quietly and Gracefully dances in the water where she may stay locked up in a room singing her song in till the shadows disappear from their lurking tombs and have been set free from this unheard song that she sings…..Capturing the souls of humans that dared lurk through the deep waters at night…….

Although she was one of them….lurking at night walking along the deep motionless waters…..Her hair just as dark as the water itself…..Her eyes as green as the grass…….Her skin as white as snow…..Her lips shining like a pearl with the moon’s shimmer…..

She walked with such grace that you could not hear her motions…….She had a broken heart……She seemed to be looking for a siren herself……After an hour she gave up and just stared at the water……A voice called out to her moments later……It came from the deep motionless waters…..She walked into the shallow right before the deep drop in the water below…..The male siren swam over to her as he said….-Trade our roles…..You become a siren….I become a human…..- She accepted……To seal their deal they kissed and with that kiss she became a siren and he became a human…..They said their goodbyes and then went on their own…..The boy would go to live on land and……The girl would go to live in the deep cold motionless waters……

That’s the girl’s story…..She now sings a song that…..She calls ‘The Empty Song’……

-The children of the deep waters, The children of the night…..Empty inside but don’t give up a fight……I’m empty like a shell with no pearl…..Alone at last….Finally free from my dishonest and horrible past……Finally free from those who have distasteful retreats……From those who mouth foul words on those who work for everything they have…….No one knows what they’ve been through……They may not have everything you have but….at least they fight for what’s right…..An empty heart can not love but…..can save someone who wants to be alone…….-

The girl sang this for a little boy…..about 8 years old. The little boy was abused and unwanted……And the girl knew what it felt like. The little boy said…..-Don’t let me be alone Mommy….- The girl was shocked by what he called her, She asked him why he would say such a thing. The little boy answered with this…..-My father killed my Mommy, so can you be my Mommy…?-

That’s when it happened!

A light shined from both of their chests, The girl was a human again…..She knew her answer for the little boys question,       -Yes, I will be you mommy…..-


The girl and the little boy now known as her son lived a….unfortunate life from then forward as if god didn’t care for them…..





  • Emily Cubbage

    Sounds a bit like Bellora but nonetheless good~

    • Rose ThePainter

      Thank you 😀

    • Simon

      You mean Ballora? Like, from FNAF SL?

      • Emily Cubbage

        Yip yip

        • Emily Cubbage

          Didn’t remember if it was Bell or Ball and was too lazy to check-well too TIRED to check I should say. Also you’re welcome Rose 🙂

  • Ray Ramirez

    I liked it! Hey you’re getting better

    • Rose ThePainter

      Thank you 🙂



  • Rwolfe

    Good story. I could see it lengthened and made epic with even more character development. Keep up the good work!

    • Rose ThePainter

      Thank you~

  • Konner

    Thank you has been overused XD

    • Rose ThePainter

      Lol Yeah it has XD

  • Simon

    Well, I appreciate the attempt at originality, but the story’s a bit vague and not really creepy.
    Also, no need to put a “-” at the end of dialogue like that. Put it when having to give some exposition on who’s saying the dialogue, how he’s saying it and what he’s doing while talking. Something like this:

    “- Example. – I said – Another example.
    Then I stopped talking.”

    • Rose ThePainter

      Okay! Thank you! 😀

  • Youtilla Gamer

    This does remind me of ballora, but also reminds me of things real children are going thru, also it speaks to me a lot and makes me cry. I love this story, even more I love your writing skills and I love the mermaid.

    • Rose ThePainter

      Thank you very much! I made this a little bit like reality, because I know kids without any parents. I became their friend and I’m still their friend, I loved that I made them happy by just being there for them! 😀

  • MrsC2017

    Wasn’t at all the ending I expected, very beautifully written. I loved the bits of poetry blended with the story. Good job.

    • Rose ThePainter

      Thank you so much! 😀

  • Ella Clark

    I know I shouldn’t be laughing because this is kinda sad but I laughed when you were like

    “They lived an unfortunate life”

    THE END (I know that’s not exactly what it said)